VfB 06/08 Remscheid - VfB 06/08 Remscheid

VfB Remscheid
Club coat of arms of VfB Remscheid
Name VfB 06/08 Remscheid e. V.
founding February 9, 1906
as the Remscheid Soccer Club 1906
Colours Blue White
Website http://www.vfb-remscheid.de/
First soccer team
Venue Bell steel arena
Places n. b.
League Amateur league
1986/87 6. Rang

The VfB 06/08 Remscheid e. V. (former name: Association for Movement Games 06/08 Remscheid ) is a German sports club from Remscheid . Currently, nor badminton , gymnastics, athletics , wrestling and volleyball operated. Until 2008, the club also offered its members football, marathon , handball and, in addition to wrestling, other heavy athletics as fields of activity. The club was best known for its roller hockey department, which at the end of 2009 was transferred to its own club, the IGR Remscheid .

In 1906 the FC 1906 Remscheid was founded. After the dissolution of the FC in 1914, the club was brought back to life in 1917 as VfB 06 Remscheid . During the Second World War , VfB 06 merged with the 1928 VfL Marathon 1928 Remscheid , which until 1937 was SV Edelstahlwerke Remscheid, the company sports association of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke in Remscheid. The name of the club established in 1944 was VfB Marathon 06 Remscheid . From 1945 the club started as the VfB Marathon Remscheid . [1]


VfB Marathon 06 Remscheid

Under this name, the club won the Remscheid city championship in 1945/46 and took second place in the final round of city champions Berg-Mark behind VfL Benrath 06 . VfB thus missed the semi-finals for the Lower Rhine Championship, which meant the highest possible title. [2] In the season 1946/47 in mountain district mark was set a 12-league as a top flight. There you met not only VfL Benrath and the city rivals from 1. SpVgg Remscheid 07 , but also Fortuna Düsseldorf. VfB played well and would have ended up in midfield with 21-23 points. But because of the involvement of an unauthorized player, the VfB Marathon was denied seven victories and counted for the opponent. The Remscheid team ended up in last place. [3] The qualification for the new class Oberliga West they had already clearly missed, but by the deductions they fell directly into the low ranks from. But in 1949 VfB succeeded in getting the only place for a previous third division team in the new league despite the amalgamation of the many West German district leagues to form the two-track 2nd division West . And the newcomer played along well and finished fourth in the table. [4]In 1949/50 they almost missed promotion to the league under his direction. In front of 25,000 spectators, they lost 2-1 on the penultimate match day at the later promoted Rheydter SV , before the dream was finally over with a 0-2 defeat in front of 20,000 spectators at Fortuna Düsseldorf. The fourth place still meant the best placement in the club's history.

After the two seasons of the 2nd League West were merged into a single-track league in 1952, VfB was only able to stay in the league for two years. In the 1953/54 season they only finished 15th, which meant relegation. [1] A year later, with a 3-0 win at home against Homberger SV in front of 10,000 spectators, the championship in the Lower Rhine amateur league and, associated with it, a direct return to the second division. In the 1956/57 season they finished 11th there, but had to relegate a year later by rank 16 again. [1]And this time it went downhill tremendously. The descent into the amateur league was followed by another in the national league. Less than three years later, in 1962, they also graced the bottom of the table there. In that year Adolf Weihs took over the management of the club and "Tute" Lehmann , a Berliner who was formerly a player at FC St. Pauli in the Oberliga Nord , became a coach. Under his leadership, Remscheid had played his most successful season in 1949/50.

After the start of the season in 1965 was completely unsuccessful and they found themselves at the bottom of the table after the 5th matchday, the long-awaited return to the highest German amateur class as a league champion before SC Sonnborn 07 succeeded . In 1968, the VfB Marathon as runner-up in the Niederrhein amateur league was a hair short of returning to the second division. As a consolation, VfB under coach Kurt Carel represented the Niederrhein district at the German amateur championship . After victories over the amateur teams of 1. FC Kaiserslautern , SV Arminia Hannover and 1. FC Cologne , the VfB Marathon met in the final in Bochumin front of 10,000 spectators at FC Wacker Munich . The 5: 3 n.V. after three hits by Jürgen Coal and goals by Klaus Budde and Dieter Stachel, with winning the amateur championship in 1968 meant what was probably the greatest success from a sporting point of view. The team of the German amateur champions from 1968 also included Wolfgang Hoth, Hans-Gerd Bender, Dieter Losleben, Dieter Roos, Arno Müller, Hannes Marson, Georg Klapper (replaced by Lothar Kraft) and Klaus Frantzen. [5]

VfB Remscheid 06/08

In 1971 VfB Marathon 06 Remscheid merged with BV 08 Remscheid and from then on lived on as VfB Remscheid 06/08 . This was initially successful. The club was runner-up in the amateur league Niederrhein three times in a row, but missed promotion to the second-class regional league. For this he was in the final round of the German amateur championship. In 1972, the club failed in the second round on penalties against defending champion SC Jülich 1910 . In 1973 they were eliminated in the first round, again after a penalty shoot-out this time against VfR Aalen . In 1974 it was much more successful. After victories over the Blumenthaler SV , TuS Neuenrade and theSC Victoria Hamburg met VfB in the final in Worms on SSV Reutlingen 05 . After the 2: 2 n. V. in the first game, VfB lost 1: 2 in the replay. [1]

After the three runner-up championships in the Lower Rhine region and the German runner-up championship for amateurs, VfB 06/08 initially fell a little and did not get past twelfth place in 1974/75. However, VfB worked its way up to third place in the 1977/78 season via places 9 and 6. With that he also managed to qualify for the new amateur league in North Rhine-Westphalia . The Remscheid team could only hold up there for two seasons and were relegated in 1980. They experienced from fourth class, like local rivals BV 08 Lüttringhausen1982 the promotion to the 2nd division succeeded. VfB only managed to return to the amateur league in 1986. Since the local rival had made the leap into the second division again, they were sporty and in the audience's favor only number two in town. After finishing sixth as a newcomer in 1986/87, VfB only played in the second half of the table. When the Lüttringhausen local rival, now trading as BVL Remscheid , was relegated to the amateur league again in 1988 , two Remscheid clubs were in the same division. The football department of VfB 06/08 therefore merged with BVL on July 1, 1990 to form FC Remscheid . [1]

Former players

Fredy Mutz



On April 1st, 1962 the Remscheid TV 1861 and the VfB Marathon founded the interest group Rollsport Remscheid , IGR Remscheid for short . After advancing to the top division in 1965, the IGR won the German championship in roller hockey for the first time in 1968 , which it was able to defend in 1969. Further German championships followed in 1978, 1992 and 1994. On the international stage, the Remscheider team reached the semi-finals in the European Champions Cup in 1993 and 1995. In 2001 TV 1861 left the IGR. Since then, roller sports has been a sole department within VfB 06/08. The first men's team is currently playing in the 1st Bundesliga. In October 2009 the roller hockey department broke away from the main club VfB 06/08 Remscheid and has since resumed as an independent club Rollsportverein -IGR- Remscheid e. V. (IGR Remscheid).


  • German championship (men): 1968, 1969, 1978, 1992, 1994
  • German Vice Championship (men): 1993
  • Third in the German championship (men): 1972, 1976, 1977, 1991
  • German Championship (A-Youth): 1969, 1987
  • German championship (B-youth): 2001, 2007
  • German championship (C-youth): 2004,2009
  • German Championship (D-Youth): 2002, 2005, 2007
  • Semi-finals in the European Champions Cup (men): 1969, 1993, 1995

The venue for the club's home games is the Hackenberg sports hall. It has a capacity of 400 to 500 spectators and the grandstand offers a good view of the playing field.


Originally VfB played on the Glockenstahlkampfbahn in the Hasten district , but had to move to Reinshagen in 1968 after a factory hall for the stainless steel works was built there .


Individual evidence

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