100 miles Berlin - 100 Meilen Berlin

100 miles Berlin is a German ultra marathon that has been taking place in Berlin since 2011 and whose route follows the course of the former Berlin Wall. [1] According to the organizing association LG Mauerweg Berlin e. V. remember the victims of the wall. [2] It is always carried out on a weekend around August 13th, the day the Wall was built. The event did not take place in 2012 because a two-year cycle was planned at that time. There has been an annual sequence since 2013. After the 2014 run, the name “Wall Run” was added to emphasize the memory of this sporting event. In 2020, the run fell due to an official order in the context ofCovid-19 pandemic .

In addition to individual runners, relay teams are also represented. 2, 4 or 10 plus relays (10 to 28 team members) are possible. The time limit for individual runners is 30 hours, for relays 27 hours are specified.


The route largely corresponds to the previous course of the Berlin Wall with a distance of 100 miles (160.9 km). There is a change of direction every year. The Berlin Wall Trail is a largely flat and paved cycle and hiking trail. Start has been in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg since 2014 . From there, the route first leads north to Hennigsdorf , then west to Potsdam . This is followed by the southern section up to Adlershof . Here the route bends in a northerly direction and slowly approaches well-known highlights such as the East Side Gallery ,Checkpoint Charlie , Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag . After reaching Bernauer Strasse and the Berlin Wall Memorial , the destination will be reached again in the Jahn Sports Park. This description is the route from 2019 (counterclockwise). There are a total of 27 refreshment points (VP) at a distance of 5 to 8 kilometers along the route.


Course records

  • Men: 13:06:52, Mark Perkins, 2014
  • Frauen: 15:22:49, Eleonora Rachele Corradini, 2019

Winners lists

date Men time Women time
17. Aug. 2019 Sascha Dehling 14:37:44 Eleonora Rachele Corradini 15:22:49
11. Aug. 2018 Yoshihiko Ishikawa 13:17:41 Monika Biegasiewicz 15:29:48
12. Aug. 2017 Jan-Albert Lantink 13:39:56 Katrin Grieger 17:20:20
13. Aug. 2016 Ariel Rozenfeld 15:20:48 Tia Jones 17:03:32
15. Aug. 2015[3] Marco Bonfiglio 13:40:11 Patricia Rolle 15:57:39
16. Aug. 2014 Mark Perkins 13:06:52 Grit Seidel 18:16:29
17. Aug. 2013 Peter Flock 15:53:45 Annett Bahlcke 17:13:09
20. Aug. 2011 Michael Vanicek und Jan Prochaska 16:22:17 Marika Heinlein 17:49:05


Individual evidence

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