10. Flak-Brigade - 10. Flak-Brigade

The 10th Flak Brigade was a large unit in brigade strength of the Luftwaffe in World War II . The brigade staff was set up in June 1942 and was responsible for air defense in the eastern Ruhr area .

Mission history and conversion

Initially set up under the name Flak-Brigade X , the brigade staff took over the operational management of all flak units set up east of the Ruhr area with a command post in Dortmund . They were subordinate to him

  • Flak Regiment 67 as Flakgruppe Bochum
  • Flak Regiment 124 as Flakgruppe Dortmund as well as the
  • Flak Headlight Regiment 146

The brigade staff performed their duties in this area for about 10 months. After that, the staff was transferred to the Eastern Front without the subordinate regiments . Their leadership took over the 22nd Flak Division . The brigade staff, however, was used in the central section of the Eastern Front as part of the 2nd Army . At the beginning of November 1943, the brigade staff was assigned to the 18th Flak Division . Here it was under his control

  • Flak-Regiment 6
  • Flak Regiment 10 and that
  • Flak-Regiment 35

Due to changes in the subordination, the brigade staff soon withdrew from the 18th Flak Division and was only subordinated to the II Flak Corps with Flak Regiment 6 . The brigade then fought in the Vitebsk area as part of the 3rd Panzer Army . In February 1944, the brigade was in the Brest area with Flak Regiments 21, 34, 125 and 134. These batteries were killed 200 aircraft within five months. In March 1944 the brigade was deployed in the Kalenka area and gradually withdrew fighting into the Baranowitschi areaback. Subsequently, the brigade staff took over the leadership of the flak forces in the Vistula area with the subordinate flak regiments 10 (without units) and 23. On October 17, 1944, the brigade staff was now in East Prussia, the conversion of the brigade staff into the regimental staff of the flak Regiment 116 completed. [1]


Rank Name date
Oberst Walter von Hippel June 30th to June 30th 1942
Oberst Johann Edler von Krziwanek July 1, 1942 to March 1943
Oberst Paul Pavel March to June 25, 1943
Oberst Karl Schuchardt June 26, 1943 to August 13, 1943
Oberst Adolf Wolf August 25, 1943 to January 31, 1944
Oberst Günther Sachs February 1 to October 1, 1944

Individual evidence

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