110% (album) - 110% (álbum)

Álbum de Sponsors
Publication June 2008
Recording 2008
Genders) Pop rock
Duration 42:47
Record label Sony Music (Before CBS Discos)
Producer (s) Tweety González

110% is the first album by the Argentine group Sponsors recorded and released in 2008 . Produced by Tweety González . The official presentation of the album to society was held in Niceto .

Joaquín Levinton comments on the album:

"Maybe some people don't take this album well, but I make music because I have fun. It's like a game."

In this album songs like " Nada ", "Waste", "Momentos de Gloria" and "Dame lumbre" stand out .

The album lived through its entire gestation period in the studio that Levinton has in his home, but the recording was made a little at El Pie Studios and a little at Circo Beat Studios .

The album also won the 2009 Gardel Music Award for "Best New Rock Artist Album".

Songs list

  1. Back (2:43) (Levinton, with excerpts from Sweet Soul Music)
  2. I'm not going to comb my hair (2:17) (Levinton)
  3. Moments of Glory (2:39) (Levinton)
  4. Seahorses (3:06) (Levinton)
  5. Nothing (4:03) (Levinton, with excerpts from Eight Forty)
  6. The Fortune Teller (3:41) (Levinton)
  7. Give me fire (3:07) (Levinton)
  8. Present (2:48) (Levinton)
  9. Sorry (3:33) (Levinton)
  10. Splurge (2:08) (Levinton)
  11. Sex, Drugs & Reggaeton (2:48) (Levinton)
  12. Vacation (1:56) (Levinton)
  13. Alone and accompanied (4:55) (Levinton)


  • Nothing
  • Glory Moments

Dissemination cuts

  • Nothing
  • Back


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