110 (Lied) - 110 (Lied)

Capital Bra & Samra feat. Lea
publication 20. September 2019
Long 3:15
Genre(s) Hip-Hop, Rap
Text Vladislav Balovatsky,
Hussein Akkouche,
Lea-Marie Becker,
Wim Treuner,
Robin Haefs
music Beatzarre , Djorkaeff
Label Good Music, Universal Urban
Album Berlin lives 2

110 is a song by German rappers Capital Bra and Samra , in cooperation with German pop singer Lea . The piece was released on September 20, 2019 as the fifth single from her collaboration album Berlin Leben 2 .

Origin and background

Capital Bra (2017)

The song was written by Vladislav Balovatsky ( Capital Bra ), Hussein Akkouche Samra, Lea-Marie Becker ( LEA ), Wim Treuner and Robin Haefs . [1] The hookline is sung by Lea. The song was produced by the production team Beatzarre and Djorkaeff from Berlin . The song was released as the fifth single and the tenth track from the album Berlin Leben 2 on the major label Universal Urban .

For Lea it is the first collaboration with Capital and Samra. She said: “The story behind '110' is that Samra, Capi and I partly work with the same producer. And Samra and Capi told our producer that they somehow celebrate my music and that they would love to have a feature with me on their new album. " [2]

In contrast to the previous single releases from Berlin Lives 2, which were announced several days in advance , 110 was only announced about an hour before the release on Capital Bra's Instagram account. [3] The song came on the same day as Bushido's previously-announced big comeback song Ronin out and therefore had a particularly explosive, not least because the two singles in a direct duel for the highest new entry in the German single charts faced. [4] In January 2019 to Capital Bra and Samra separated from Bushido's label Ersguterjunge . [5]On the day of the official separation, Capital issued a minute-long statement. In it he reported for the first time about police protection that Bushido received. [6] He threw his former label boss also cooperation with the police and betrayal of friends before and was disappointed by it. He ended the statement with “But we are not a team. Police are your team now ”. Since then, there have been taunts from Capital against Bushido in this regard. At the end of August, Bushido first announced that he was working on a new album. In an Instagram post he wrote "Do you also think that it is enough with LaLaLa and LeLeLe?", Which was understood as an allusion to a diss against Capital Bra, which was for the frequent use of Adlips like Leleleis known. [7]


Lea (2018)

The lyrics to 110 are written in German. Musically, the song moves in the realm of rap and pop music. In terms of content, the song is about a toxic relationship in which one is trapped. [8] Both rappers address their relationships from a personal perspective. The relationships are described as complicated. Sometimes there is an argument. At the end, “the neighbor from above” dials the police emergency number ( 110 ). It is indirectly implied that the dispute has escalated into violence or is loud. The reasons for the dispute remain unclear.

Music video

The official music video appeared on YouTube on September 19, 2019 . In the video, Capital Bra is in front of the Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Samra is at the Fliegeberg in Berlin-Lichterfelde. He spent his youth in the area. The singer is in a closed building. [9]


On October 18, 2019 Lea released a solo version 110 (prologue) without the rappers. She replaces the rapped parts with her own verses and leaves out the second half of the first hook.



For Mareike Greife from rap.de , both rappers performed in an "unusually gentle manner". Seldom have one heard "such soft tones" from Capital Bra and Samra. The refrain is "extremely melodic". [10]

Madeleine Sabel from WDR writes that the song is "unusually vulnerable". The hook line is "soulful". [11]

Charts and chart placement

110 rose to number one in the German single charts determined by GfK Entertainment . The single reached number two in Austria and Switzerland . For Capital Bra it is already the 18th number one hit in the German charts. For Samra it is the tenth single at the top of the German single charts.

Charts Höchst­platzie­rung Wo­chen
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) [12] 1 (44 weeks) 44
Austria (Ö3) Austria (Ö3) [12] 2 (38 weeks) 38
Switzerland (IFPI) Switzerland (IFPI) [12] 2 (37 weeks) 37

Awards for music sales

In October 2020 110 in Germany was awarded a triple golden record for over 600,000 units sold.

Land/Region Aus­zeich­nung Ver­käu­fe
Awards for music sales
(country / region, Award, Sales)
Germany (BVMI) Germany (BVMI) [13] Gold record icon.svg 3× Gold 600.000
All in all Gold record icon.svg 1× Gold
Platinum record icon.svg 1 × platinum

Cover versions

Individual evidence

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