11 (album of She's So Charge) - 11 (álbum de Ella es tan cargosa)

Album of She's so burdensome
Publication October 2011
Recording 2011
Genders) Pop, rock
Format CD
Duration 39.00
Record label Rhinoceros Discs , Sony Music
Catalogue Third studio album
Producer (s) Germán Wiedemer , Martín Pomares
Chronology of She is so expensive
Bottle to the sea

11 is the third album by the Argentine band Ella es tan cargaa . It was produced by Germán Wiedemer. [ 1 ]

The title is due to the fact that the CD contains 11 songs, and coincides with the 11 years of the band's life. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2011 at the Abasto and Del Cielito studios. [ 2 ]

On this album, Ella es tan cargaa featured guest artists such as Marcelo Muir, Luis Cardozo, Osky Righi, Cristian Borneo, El "Cóndor" Sbarbatti and Daniel Suárez, among others. [ 3 ]


«11» was recorded, mixed and mastered in April 2011 at the Abasto and Del Cielito studios.

The album was produced by the pianist Germán Wiedemer (director of Andrés Calamaro's band and also producer of all the previous Ella es tan cargaa albums), with a co-production by Martín Pomares, guitarist of the De Bueyes group . [ 1 ]

"11" features seven new songs, composed especially for this CD, and four old songs recovered from the band's extensive repertoire.

"We looked in the studio, more than ever, that the raw and rocky sound that characterizes the live band did not evaporate in the recording sessions, something that we believed was a debt in the previous CDs. This time we felt that we got it. ", said Ildo" El Tano "Baccega, guitarist of the band and composer of most of the group's music.

The album was officially presented on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) at La Trastienda in Buenos Aires. [ 2 ]

Songs list

N.º Title Letters Music Duration
1. "The victim" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 2:56
2. "Candlelight" Rodrigo Manigot Rodrigo Manigot 3:52
3. "Self-portrait" Rodrigo Manigot Mariano Manigot 3:17
4. "Claims" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 4:28
5. "Seven chords" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 4:03
6. «The last corner» Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 3:37
7. "Tribute theme" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 3:31
8. "The hand of the knock out" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 3:28
9. "One of those nights" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 2:59
10. "Ghosts" Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 3:49
11. «Latest cartridges» Rodrigo Manigot Ildo Baccega 2:55


  • "Claims"
  • "Self-portrait"
  • "The hand of the knock out"
  • "Candlelight"
  • "Seven chords"


She is so expensive

  • Rodrigo Manigot - voice and backing vocals.
  • Mariano Manigot - voice in «Self-portrait» and «Seven chords», guitar and backing vocals.
  • Ildo Baccega - guitars and backing vocals.
  • Pablo Rojas - drums and backing vocals.
  • Maximiliano Chercover - bass and backing vocals. [ 1 ]


  • Germán Wiedemer - keyboards in all themes.
  • Martín Pomares - guitars in all themes.
  • Marcelo Muir - acoustic guitar on "Seven chords", "The hand of knock out" and "Self-portrait", slide guitar on "Seven chords".
  • Luis Cardozo - acoustic guitar in «Pretensiones» and «Siete chords».
  • Osky Righi - electric guitar in «Candlelight» and «Last cartridges».
  • Cristian Borneo - tambourine on all tracks.
  • Condor Sbarbati - backing vocals.
  • Dani Suárez - backing vocals.
  • Coty Manigot - backing vocals in "Self-portrait" and "Tribute Theme".
  • Antonio Ferroni - backing vocals in «Siete chords». [ 1 ]


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