123TV - 123TV

1·2·3 TV
1 ·2 ·3 TV logo.svg
Slogan 123TV
Channel type Digital terrestrial television
Programming Childish
Owner Venezuela's flag Government of Venezuela
Operated by

Corporación Venezolana de Telecomunicaciones, SA ( COVETEL ).

country VenezuelaFlag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela
Language Español
Foundation 2011
Founder Hugo Chávez Frías
Start of transmissions

2012 released as a programming block on the ViVe Television channel

2019 launched as an independent channel
Picture format 16:9 480i SDTV
Transmission area VenezuelaFlag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela
Location Flag of the City of Caracas Caracas
Sibling channels ViVe Television
Abla TV
Ávila TV
Website www.123tv.com.ve
Venezuela's flag TDT Channel 22.2 (Caracas)
Venezuela's flagUHF Channel 45 (Caracas)
Venezuela's flag CANTV Canal 201

1 · 2 · 3 TV [ 1 ] is a Venezuelan open television channel with children's programming. It is owned by the Venezuelan state and was founded by Hugo Chávez in 2011 for boys and girls in the Venezuelan country.


It was founded by the Chavéz government in 2011, becoming the first Venezuelan children's channel and began broadcasting in 2012.

1-2-3 TV was originally a television block on the educational channel ViVe Television . It was a block that he scheduled on Monday through Friday in the mornings and in the evenings and weekends in the mornings. It was first launched by CANTV and operated by Covetel in 2011 .

On 1 January of 2019 it was launched as a television channel and entered the TDT by CANTV and ViVe TV as a brother in the national channel signal.

At the moment he returned to transmit his signal in Vive Televisión in the mornings and afternoons.


Only transmits animated series , programs educational, cultural and recreational produced by ViVe and other Venezuelan studies. These series are aimed at the ages between 2 to 11 years in the 24 hours.

It is currently broadcasting Latin American series as a series on the Argentine children's channel Paka Paka , the Chilean Uno, dos, tres !! and other series from other Latin American countries.

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