12 days that shook Chile - 12 días que estremecieron Chile

12 days that shook Chile (formerly known as 12 days that rocked Chile , and reduced as 12 days ) is a television miniseries of Anthology Chilean created by Marcelo Ferrari and produced by Good port and Invercine for television Chilevisión . [ 1 ]

The first season of the series premiered on June 15, 2011 and ended on September 14 of the same year. The season featured a varied cast of Chilean actors such as Álvaro Morales , Antonia Zegers , Alejandra Herrera , Berta Lasala , Barbara Ruiz Tagle , Edgardo Bruna and Roberto Poblete among others. [ 2 ]

The series was renewed for a second season in 2016, which premiered on July 5, 2017 and will have a total of 12 episodes. [ 3 ]


The series is designed to tell a different story per episode, but they all share the fact of narrating milestones that have been important to Chile in the last 50 years from the perspective of the people. The episodes are complemented by files from the days when the events occurred in the country.

Cast and characters

First season

Maracanazo del Condor

We were all going to be queens

Rise of the Penguins

Take it, put it on and finish

Yes or no?

Naked chili

  • Nelson Brodt
  • Claudio Olate
  • Monserrat Prats as Nicole
  • Claudia perez
  • Alex Zisis

Bullets for the General

Death to the wall

  • Rosa Ramírez as Mayor
  • Alex Rivera as Sagredo
  • Erto Pantoja as Topp Collins

Military Coup 11 of 73

  • Luis Eduardo Campos as Gaspar
  • Marcela Del Valle as Valentina
  • Ricardo Fernández as José Antonio
  • Patricio Ossa as Mario
  • Ángela Prieto as Fernanda
  • Alejandro Trejo as Víctor Gutiérrez

Horror in Quilicura

27F earthquake Magnitude 8.8

Murdered innocence

Second season

Joannon case

The theft of the century

  • Ernesto Meléndez as Ariel
  • Tiare Pino as April
  • Katherine Muñoz as Jennifer
  • Luz Croxatto as Marta
  • Claudio Riveros as Palomino
  • Jaime Omeñaca as Horacio

The Resignation of Bielsa

Ley Emilia

Bomb in the Metro

  • Aldo Bernales as Prosecutor

The murder of Jaime Guzmán


  • Gaston salgado

America's Cup 2015

Valech report

Tragedy in Juan Fernández

Great fire of Valparaíso

  • Edgardo Bruna

The death of Pinochet

  • Alejandro Goic
  • Willy Semler
  • Maria Izquierdo


Season 1 (2011)


Original title Director Screenwriter Release date
1 1 "Maracanazo del Condor" Unknown Unknown June 15, 2011
Set in 1989, it tells how people saw the Maracanazo , an incident that occurred during Conmebol's qualification for the 1990 soccer world cup in Italy , where Roberto " Cóndor " Rojas pretended to be injured by a flare. When the truth came out, the Chilean soccer team was unable to play in the qualifiers for the next World Cup.
2 2 "We were all going to be queens" Unknown Unknown June 22, 2011
Set in 1987, it tells how people saw the 1987 Miss Universe beauty pageant , where Cecilia Bolocco , the first and only Chilean representative to obtain the title of Miss Universe, won.
3 3 "Rise of the Penguins" Martin Arechaga Unknown June 29, 2011
Set in 2006, it tells how people saw and perceived the Penguin Revolution , which was a series of demonstrations held by high school students.
4 4 "Take it, put it on and finish it off" Martin Arechaga Francisco Bobadilla July 6, 2011
Set in 1962, it tells how people saw the '62 soccer world cup , which took place in Chile. This World Cup remained in the sports history of the country, as Chile was in third place, the highest position that the team had reached in a World Cup at that time.
5 5 "Yes or no?" Unknown Unknown July 13, 2011
Set in 1988, it tells how people lived the plebiscite of 1988 , where Chileans voted to decide whether the Augusto Pinochet government continued or ended. Finally the dictatorship came to an end and the transition to democracy began .
6 6 "Naked Chile" Matias Stagnaro Unknown July 20, 2011
Set in 2002, it tells how people participated in the massive nude in Santiago, where the American photographer Spencer Tunick gathered more than 4,000 people to undress in the Forest Park and be able to photograph them. This marked an important milestone due to the high participation and mentality of Chilean society at that time.
7 7 "Bullets for the General" Matias Stagnaro Yusef Rumie July 27, 2011
Set in 1986, it narrates the plan of a group of young people belonging to the FPMR that tries to attack the powerful military caravan that protects Augusto Pinochet in order to kill the General when he returns from his rest home in Cajón del Maipo. Finally, the FPMR did not achieve its objective and Pinochet remained alive.
8 8 "Death to the wall" Unknown Unknown August 3, 2011
Set in 1985, it tells how people lived the execution of psychopaths Viña of the Sea .
9 9 "Military Coup 11 of 73" Unknown Unknown August 17, 2011
Set in 1973. There is one day to go before the tragic episodes of September 11, 1973. Gaspar, a 12-year-old boy, who attends a private British-type school, lives in the upper neighborhood near Tomás Moro Street. , near President Allende's house. Gaspar's father, José Antonio, hates the UP and wants the military to order the chaos in the country once and for all. Fernanda, his wife and Gaspar's mother, is a young woman who does not agree with her husband's fanaticism and tries to convey more nuances to her son. This family is a neighbor of the Gutiérrez family, where Víctor Gutiérrez lives, their teenage daughter, hippy and pretty Valentina and Mario, a friend from the neighborhood and from Gaspar's pichangas.
10 10 "Horror in Quilicura" Marcelo ferrari Sergio Bravo August 24, 2011

Set in 1985, a year with many arrested, killed and tortured. Roberto Parada acts in the play "Primavera con una corner rota" along with the other actors and Osvaldito. Once the work is finished, Roberto tries to communicate with his son José Manuel, he calls him at his house and the Vicaría but cannot find him. José Manuel is seen working late at the Vicaría. He sees cases of missing detainees, all very raw. He finally gets in his car to go home, but a patent-less Opala follows him. The next day, the children and José Manuel are late to school, they get off but do not realize that the patent-free Opala is following them once again. Suddenly, two guys get out of the vehicle who take them by surprise and force them into the car. As a result of the confusing incident, two seriously injured remain.

The episode is dedicated to Estela, Javiera, Juan José, Camilo and Antonio. Months after what happened, numerous police officers were arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of José Manuel Parada, Manuel Guerrero and Santiago Mattino.
11 11 «February 27, 2010 Earthquake of Magnitude 8.8» Unknown Unknown August 31, 2011
Set in 2010. Ernesto and María's family are preparing a special event: their youngest son's birthday. Money is scarce and Maria must use all her ingenuity to throw a decent party. María and Ernesto argue in a heated way. Some friends leave their little daughter in their care, while they travel to Constitución. At night, the fatal earthquake of February 2010 hits all of Chile and puts families, and the entire neighborhood to the test. Values, solidarity, the true meaning of life, emerges amid the pain and horror that television screens show throughout Chile.
12 12 "Innocence murdered" Unknown Unknown September 14, 2011
Set in 1979. The heartbreaking story of the kidnapping and death of the little boy Rodrigo Anfruns , is approached from the perspective of the minor's neighbors. A boy, Diego, is a friend of Rodrigo and shares with him the last minutes before the kidnapping. From that moment on, the anguish of neighbors, relatives, from all over Chile, forced Diego's estranged parents to rethink the meaning of life, seeing that their quarrels are petty and senseless selfishness. The horror of Rodrigo's death, which marked the entire country, makes a profound change in this family.

Second season (2017)


Original title Director Screenwriter Release date
13 1 «Joannon Case»
«Las Guaguas de Joannon»
Marcelo ferrari Angela Bascuñan July 5, 2017

Set in 2014. Carmen, every May 10th suffers deep pain since it is the date her baby died at the time of delivery. The circumstances of that death were complex; she was very young and her conservative family did not welcome her pregnancy. Carmen has the moral and religious support of the priest Gerardo Joannon. Everything changes when Carmen finds out that the mother of a close friend, before passing away, confesses that the death of her baby was surrounded by deceptions. She confronts her parents, doctors of the time and the priest Joannon himself, who had led her to believe that the baby had died, to give it up for illegal adoption. Carmen decides to tell her story to the journalists of Ciper, who for months have been investigating a terrible plot of irregular adoptions,

After the original report came to light, new cases of irregular adoptions appeared, which gave way to the "We Search" foundation in order to facilitate the reunion with the families of origin. For his part, Joannon was acquitted by justice, suspended from his duties and sent to a process of reflection and prayer. He currently resides in the diocese of San Felipe.
14 2 "The theft of the century" Juan Ignacio Sabatini Vladimir Rivera July 12, 2017

Set in 2014. Without being detected, a group of individuals carry out a millionaire robbery at the Santiago Airport , a fact that was dubbed "The Theft of the Century" due to the large amount of money that was stolen. After perpetrating the assault, the group disbands and they coordinate the delivery of the great loot. Ariel, the youngest of all, who dreams of being able to make his grandmother happy, now feels old and wants to enjoy women and parties. Others, like Horacio, Pedro, and Américo move with more caution. Pedro appears dead, perhaps due to internal conflicts. Ariel begins to panic and flees Chile.

After several months of investigation, the entire criminal gang was imprisoned. Of the 6 billion stolen, only 600 million were recovered, with the rest of the money still missing.
15 3 "The day Marcelo Bielsa resigned "
"Bielsa's resignation"
Pepa san martin Luis Barrales July 19, 2017

Set in 2011. Marcelo Bielsa worked as a coach for the Chilean national team since 2007. In November 2010, Bielsa announced in a three-hour press conference that, if Jorge Segovia won in the ANFP presidential elections , he would not continue in The charge. [ 4 ] On the 17th of that month, Bielsa led the 2-0 victory against Uruguay to mark the centenary of the Chilean team ; the game was marked, however, by the possibility that it was the coach's last game.

Later, with the impossibility of Jorge Segovia to assume as president and the call for new elections, the opportunity for Marcelo Bielsa to remain in the national team re-emerged. Bielsa, who had announced that he would leave office the same day that Segovia assumed office, continued to lead the team and announced his participation in the friendly against the United States on January 22, 2011. Bielsa finally withdrew from the national team, due to differences with the new ANFP board headed by Sergio Jadue , on February 4, 2011; breaking his contract, which was valid until 2015, after an emotional press conference at the Juan Pinto Durán Sports Complex . [ 5 ]

Marcelo Bielsa's stay in Chile lasted three and a half years, where he contributed to the "golden generation of Chilean football." [ 6 ]
16 4 "Ley Emilia" Pepa san martin Yusef Rumie July 26, 2017

Set in 2013. A family tries to move on with their life after their vehicle was hit from behind, causing the death of their little daughter: Emilia. A fight was born out of the need for justice, given that the driver who caused the accident had drunk all night and continued driving and who was not subsequently jailed for the act committed. Emilia's parents begin a difficult fight to change the law, seeking a sanction that will prevent more deaths.

After the approval of the Law in September 2014, it was considered a crime to drive while intoxicated resulting in injuries or death.
17 5 " Bombshell in the Metro "
"Wolf and sheep"
Not yet announced Not yet announced August 2, 2017
Set in 2014. In the Metro Escuela Militar, a bomb exploded and injured Rosa Aucamán. All of Chile believes that there is terrorism, one of the first attacks in the 2nd Bachelet government.
18 6 " The murder of Jaime Guzmán " Juan Ignacio Sabatini Francisco Bobadilla August 9, 2017

Set in 1991 in full transition to democracy . A law student with a communist ideology and a student leader from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile recounts his relationship with the founder of the conservative party Unión Demócrata Independiente and professor of the career Mr. Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz , his discussions about ideological differences and how he lived on the day of his murder moments after being arrested as an accessory.

The Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front claimed responsibility for the attack on Guzmán. One of the perpetrators is serving a sentence, while the rest of those involved are fugitives from Chilean justice abroad.
19 7 " Transantiago " Not yet announced Not yet announced August 16, 2017

Set in 2007. Sergio Espejo and some ministers and technicians dreamed of the plan's success, but the Transantiago crisis broke out on February 10, 2007. At the same time, Danilo's wife, one of the technicians hired by Espejo, was pregnant and it was detected that she was a girl, which complicated the situation. Finally, Danilo understood that Transantiago was a nightmare.

Currently, another of the problems detected were going to condemn the transport system forever: the evasion of ticket payment.
20 8 « Copa América 2015 » Not yet announced Not yet announced 23 Aug 2017

Set in 2015. Chile has been champion of the Copa América, but there was a story that few know: the case of corruption in FIFA , where Sergio Jadue received a bribe in the middle of the tournament. Months after the tournament ended, FIFA telephoned Sergio to go to Miami , Florida, later being handed over to the FBI .

Sergio Jadue pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and is awaiting his conviction by the US justice system. The FIFA and ANFP inhabilitaron him for life from holding public office.
21 9 " Valech Report " Not yet announced Not yet announced August 30, 2017
Set in 2004. Carlos is a 55-year-old reporter who has the opportunity to interview a former DINA agent after President Ricardo Lagos received the Valech Report on a national television network , a document that writes all the testimonies of the affected people by the dictatorship lived in the country. In turn, Carlos remembers when he was arrested and later tortured by the same agent
22 10 " Juan Fernández Incident " Not yet announced Not yet announced September 6, 2017

Set in 2011. On September 2, the CASA C-212 Aviocar plane of the FACh crashed in the direction of the Juan Fernández Archipelago as part of the humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the place, within the crew was a team from Televisión Nacional de Chile including entertainer Felipe Camiroaga . Manuel, a cameraman friend of Felipe with his family life recently hit by a tragedy, also suffers the consequences of the plane crash.

After several months of investigation, only remains of the plane were found. Of the 21 crew members in total on the CASA C-212 Aviocar, none survived.
23 11 " The death of Pinochet " Not yet announced Not yet announced September 13, 2017

Set in 2006. The parents of a young couple, some Pinochetistas and the others opposed to the former dictator, have a bad day to meet, since it coincides with the death of Pinochet.

To this day, the Chilean population is very divided regarding the political and historical opinion of the country. While people from the conservative coalition supported the military regime at that time, people with leftist ideology appeal to the violation of human rights and other crimes.
24 12 « Great fire of Valparaíso » Not yet announced Not yet announced September 20, 2017

Within the Valparaíso Fire Department , a cadet with asthma and future father, and a lieutenant with more than 50 years of service about to retire, are about to fight one of the great fires that has struck the port city of Valparaíso . The accident occurred in the upper part of the hills, which, together with its geographical location and strong winds, helped the rapid spread of the fire, making it difficult for firefighters to work and affecting the humble population that lives in said sector.

The episode is dedicated to all firefighters who risk their lives to save others, and is also dedicated in memory of Edgardo Bruna , an actor who died in March 2017 who played Lieutenant Miguel Mejías in the episode.


The series won the funds of the National Television Council of Chile in 2009 to be able to be carried out. Recordings began in mid 2010. [ 7 ]

Awards and nominations

Year Prize Category Nominated Outcome
2017 Copihue de Oro
Best TV Series or TV Series Nominated
2018 Caleuche Awards
Best Leading Actress Aline Kuppenheim Nominated
Paula Zuniga Winner
Best Leading Actor Cristian Carvajal Winner
Patricio contreras Nominated
Alejandro Trejo Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Croxatto Light Nominated
Catalina Martin Nominated
Ximena Rivas Winner
Best Supporting Actor Nicolas Duran Nominated
Willy Semler Nominated