12 laps (album) - 12 Runden (Album)

12 rounds
Studio album by Kontra K


6. September 2013

Label(s) DePeKa Records

Format (s)

CD, Download



Title (number)


running time

70 min 76s

  • Rap: Contra K


That Morten, Big Flexx, Peedy Beats, 7inch , Beatbaron

Location (s)

Berlin , Bosnia

Hell Come Out
(with Bonez MC )
12 rounds Out of the shadow into the light
21. June 2013 Treat yourself
30. June 2013 Solid as a rock
15. August 2013 fog

12 rounds the third Soloalbum the Berlin rapper contra-K . It was released on September 6, 2013 by the music label DePeKa Records .


Kontra K announced the album on May 6, 2013. [1] Overall, the album contains 20 tracks, are included as a feature guest This Morten Pink Skinny AL , Bonez MC and skepticism.

The album was produced by several producers (see title list), the cover was designed by Peter "Smerli Graphics" Smerlinski. [2]

The album name is based on a boxing match - either you hold out or you go KO - this requires surviving the 12 rounds . This is a metaphor that can be applied to one's own life.

The album was in the official German charts from September 20, 2013 at number 8 for a week. [3]

Track list

# title Long producer
1 Father son 0:41 In-house production
2 Exchange of ideas 2:45 That Morten
3 W.I.R 4:07 Big Flexx
4 Back to the wall 4:30 Peedy Beats
5 Solid as a rock 4:19 Big Flexx
6 So awake (feat. This Morten & Rosa) 4:16 That Morten
7 Treat yourself 3:45 Peedy Beats
8 K.E.L.L.E.R (feat. Skinny AL) 3:33 That Morten
9 101% 2:24 That Morten
10 therapy 2:45 Peedy Beats
11 Generation Crack 3:53 Peedy Beats
12 Forgive us 3:29 That Morten
13 Believe me 3:44 Big Flexx
14 Actually (feat. Rosa) 4:06 Big Flexx
15 In the Silence (feat. Rosa) 3:47 7inch
16 fog 3:22 Big Flexx
17 Mach was (feat. Bonez MC) 3:34 That Morten
18 For the (feat. Skepticism) 4:51 Beatbaron
19 Sleep well 4:09 That Morten
20 See you soon and goodbye 2:46 That Morten
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Albums [4]
12 rounds
FROM 8 20.09.2013 (1 week)


The album received mostly good reviews. Above all, the motivation to do active (combat) sport is increased by the album.

In addition, Kontra K creates a very positive image of itself through its authenticity: "Like a straight boy - honest, sincere, on point and believable." [5]

“After these 12 rounds, which are actually closer to 20, you definitely want to hear more. Of course, one or the other wobble-wobble beat could be exchanged for an oppressive street beat, and one or the other head-up track could have been omitted so that the otherwise well thought-out album gains a little more variety. But despite these points of criticism, the reviewer was entertained at all times and was rarely bored. In any case, the hunger for more is aroused and the desire for the next visit to the martial arts studio , of course with "12 rounds" on the ears - the best Kontra K album so far. "

- rap. Of [6]

“I recently started exercising again. But this is not due to the animus or the Kollegah . It is not thanks to Massiv's brute torture fantasies that I weigh a few extra pounds on the incline bench. Rather, it's down to Kontra K. "12 rounds" is much more than just a perfect plate for pumping. The highlight is and remains »fog« - because I still prefer Kontra K when he talks about sport and gives detailed lectures on training methods. Like on "101%". And now excuse me, I'll keep doing push-ups on the back of my hand. Ahu! "

- Jahn Wehn : juice [7]

“12 laps leaves room for improvement in many ways. Nevertheless: Kontra K, well trained and with a good performance, puts many a competitor in their place for the belt. "

- Dani Fromm : laut.de [8]

“[…] There are also the well-known wobble and dubstep beats, which the Berliner spits over and sometimes delivers a blow or two, even if it is still rather reserved. Unfortunately, the dubstep beats that Kontra K uses relatively often are now slowly worn out, a little more street mentality would do the productions quite well. Especially since the topics, with a few exceptions, involve enough social criticism . "

- rap. Of [9]

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