13. Flak-Brigade - 13. Flak-Brigade

The 13th Flak Brigade was a large unit in brigade strength of the Luftwaffe in World War II . The brigade staff was set up in June 1942.

Mission history

Initially set up under the name Flak Brigade XIII for use in Finland , the brigade staff took over the operational management of all German flak forces in Finland. The command post was in Rovaniemi . As of November 1, 1943, it was under her control

  • Flak Regiment 142 as Flakgruppe Finland
  • Flak Regiment 181 as Flak Group Lapland
  • Flak Regiment 229 as Flak Group Ice Lakes

The total firepower of the anti-aircraft brigade at that time was twelve anti-aircraft divisions. After Finland's armistice with the Soviet Union on September 19, 1944, the armed forces still in Finland were requested to evacuate the country. In the course of the Lapland War , the command post of the 13th Flak Brigade had to be relocated to Banak in Northern Norway. At the end of 1944, the Flak Brigade had 14 flak departments with 96 batteries , including only one heavy and 14 mixed flak departments. Another nine anti-aircraft alarm batteries were under her control.

As a result of the withdrawal of the Wehrmacht from Finland, the brigade staff was disbanded on February 9, 1945. The regiments under her command were shipped to Germany as soon as possible and thrown there as ground troops on the collapsing eastern and western fronts. [1]


Rank Name date
Major general Ernst Buffa June 20 to December 21, 1942
Major general Wolfgang Freytag December 22, 1942 to December 19, 1944
Oberst Kurt Schwerdtfege December 20, 1944 to February 6, 1945

Individual evidence

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