13. Flak-Division - 13. Flak-Division

The 13th Flak Division was a major combat unit of the German Air Force in World War II .


The command staff of the 13th Flak Division was set up on January 16, 1942 under its then commander Major General Gaston von Chaulin-Egersberg in Beauregard ( France ). At the beginning of 1943, now under its new commander Theodor Spieß , the 13th Flak Division was under the control of the 5th Flak Brigade ( Rennes ) and the 12th Flak Brigade ( Saintes ). The main task of the brigades was the protection of the armaments centers there and the protection of the flying ground organizations.

On March 11, 1944, the later major general Max Schaller took over the fortunes of the division, which in the meantime had a completely new structure with regard to the units under its control. On July 1, 1944, the 13th Flak Division was subordinate to the Luftgaukommando West with the following units:

The landing of the Allies in Normandy and the ensuing fighting led to the gradual withdrawal of the Wehrmacht from France. The 13th Flak Division had to move into its new command post near Strasbourg at the end of August 1944 . By then, the division had to show that it had shot down 1,000 enemy aircraft and received an award in the Wehrmacht report (August 26, 1944).

On October 2, 1944, Major General and Knight's Cross took over from Adolf Wolf Schaller and then headed the division until the end of the war. The area of ​​application during this period was the area from the Swiss border to northern Alsace . As of November 1, 1944, the division was subordinate to the following forces:

  • Flakregiment FAS I
  • Flak Regiment 18
  • Flak Regiment 85
  • Flak Regiment 89

Due to the worsening war situation, the division's command post was relocated three times by December 1944, on November 8th to Genfeld , November 22nd to Schlettstadt and finally to Biesheim . With a total of 25 heavy batteries, 20 medium and light batteries and a fog company, they were moved back behind the Rhine to Horben at the end of December 1944. Until March 20, 1945, the 20th Flak Division consisted of the Flak Regiment 88 and the Flak Regiment 130. The regiments mentioned above had since been spun off. Towards the end of the war, the allegations become somewhat opaque. According to a final survey, which was drawn up on April 21, 1945, the division with the aforementioned two regiments was in the area of ​​the 7th Army during these days . The situation in the last days of the war, where the division's command post is said to have been either in Pilsen or Welchau on April 27, then becomes even more unclear . After this point in time, no further information is available [1] .

Individual evidence

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