143rd Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 143.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

143rd Mixed Brigade
Active May 1937-January 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Mixed brigade
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 143rd Mixed Brigade was a unit of the People's Army of the Republic that took part in the Spanish Civil War . During the war it came to operate on the fronts of Aragon, Segre and Catalonia.


The unit was created around May 1937, being organized in the Castle of Figueras between the months of May and June based on the “Chiclana” Mountain Battalion No. 1; The infantry captain Nicanor Felipe Martínez was appointed to the leadership of the brigade . After the end of her training phase, she was sent to the Aragon front . [ 1 ] The 143rd BM, destined for the Escatrón sector , was incorporated into the 44th Division of the XII Army Corps and was placed in reserve for the Zaragoza offensive , at the end of August 1937; later he would come to fight in theFuentes de Ebro with the so-called Agrupación «F». [ 2 ]

At the beginning of February 1938 the unit had a total of 2,575 human troops. [ 3 ]

A month later, at the beginning of the Franco offensive on the Aragón Front, the brigade covered the front south of the Ebro River and north of Fuendetodos, along with the rest of the 44th Division. [ 4 ] She was sent to reinforce the Quinto sector , but would end up having to retreat due to enemy pressure. It continued to retreat to the east, passing through Tamarite de Litera and the Vértice Viñaza, until it was situated behind the line of the Segre river. After the end of the fighting in Aragon, the 143rd BM was added to the 24th Division . [ 5 ]

On June 9, the brigade crossed the Segre River through the Villanueva de la Barca sector , [ 6 ] managing to form a small bridgehead that it would manage to maintain until June 17, having to return to its original positions in the midst of great difficulties. due to the artificial flood of the river. The 143rd WB was awarded the collective Medal of Valor, as would its commander, Major Hermenegildo Roca Oliver - who had assumed command of the unit that spring. [ 5 ]

During the Battle of the Ebro the brigade remained in reserve, without participating in the fighting. At the end of 1938, at the beginning of the Francoist offensive in Catalonia, the 143rd BM was garrisoning the southern sector of the Ebro. Faced with the danger of being encircled, it had to retreat to Tarragona, although it would end up being surrounded — and destroyed — in the defense of the Gayá river on January 16, 1939. [ 5 ]



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