149th Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 149.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

149th Mixed Brigade
Active May 1937 - February 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Mixed brigade
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 149th Mixed Brigade was a unit of the People's Army of the Republic created during the Spanish Civil War . Deployed on the fronts of Madrid, Aragon and Catalonia, the brigade did not play a relevant role in the war.


The unit was created in May 1937, on the Madrid front, from one of the battalions of the 75th Mixed Brigade . [ 1 ] The command of the unit fell initially (during the training period) in the infantry commander Enrique García Villanueva , replaced shortly after by the major of the militias Santiago Tito Buades ; For his part, the headquarters of the General Staff fell to the infantry captain Juan Bautista Piera Reus . [ 1 ] The 149th Mixed Brigade, which was made up of anarchist elements, [ 2 ] was assigned to the 6th Division [ 3] Of theII Army Corps. For months the brigade remained located in front of Madrid, without participating in military operations.

In March 1938, after the beginning of the Francoist offensive on the Aragon front, the 149th BM was sent as reinforcement to the threatened sector. [ 3 ] On March 24, however, it lost the town of Velilla de Ebro to enemy forces and had to retreat. On the 26th it was defending the sector between Fraga and the Ebro river. Briefly added to the subgroup [ n. 1 ] commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Liberal Travieso , [ 4 ] came to participate in the defense of Lleida. With the fall of the city, all its troops crossed to the other side of the Segre River. Later, it was added to the 16th Division of the XII Army Corps . [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

The brigade came to take part in the battle of the Ebro . On July 27 he crossed the river, relieving elements of the 35th International Division in the Gandesa sector . On the 31st it was located in front of Villalba de los Arcos , being relieved from this sector on August 3; then it was destined to cover the entrances to La Fatarella . [ 1 ] In mid-August, during one of Franco's counterattacks, the 149th WB retreated disorderly - despite the fact that the unit was situated in the rear. [ 7 ]Later it was withdrawn from the Ebro front along with the rest of the units of its division and destined for the reserve, being subjected to a reorganization.

In December 1938, at the beginning of the Franco offensive in Catalonia, the 149th BM constituted the reserve of the sector of the one located opposite Serós . During the enemy attack, the unit abandoned its positions almost without fighting, partly carried away by the disbandment of the 179th Mixed Brigade . [ 8 ] The unit's commander, Militia May Eduardo Pérez Segura, was instantly dismissed and replaced by the Major Filemont militia. [ 1 ] The wreckage of the 149th WB joined the general retreat towards the border.



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  1. ↑ This subgroup, in turn, provided close support to the Autonomous Grouping of the Ebro . [ 4 ]



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