17 (soap opera) - 17 (telenovela)

17 is a Chilean telenovela, produced and broadcast in 2005 by Televisión Nacional de Chile . It is the continuation of 16 , broadcast in 2003 .

It was recorded in 2004 and the objective was to transmit it as the main date during the summer of 2005 , extending until May of that year. [ 1 ] Written by Marcelo Leonart with the collaboration of Hugo Morales , Nona Fernández and Ximena Carrera .

It starred Francisca Lewin and Cristián Arriagada , co-starring Fernanda Urrejola , Juan José Gurruchaga , Antonella Orsini , Matías Oviedo , Luz Valdivieso , Isabel Ruiz , Mauricio Inzunza and Francisca Tapia, with Julieta Camaño , Pablo Cerda and Christian Pérez in the antagonistic roles. Accompanied by Willy Semler , Consuelo Holzapfel , Patricio Achurra , Sandra O'Ryan , Lorene Prieto ,Liliana García , Hugo Medina , María Izquierdo , Luis Gnecco , Luz Croxatto and Mario Gatica, and the first actress Maité Fernández .


The Antumapu students went to fourth grade, and if they thought the previous year was intense, they don't even suspect what will happen to them in the coming months. Very soon, the boys will realize that adult life is just around the corner, with many tangles and difficulties. Nacho ( Cristián Arriagada ) and Magdalena ( Francisca Lewin ) will understand this , when the stunning Silvina ( Julieta Camano ), Argentine goddaughter of Magdalena's father, bursts into their lives. The girl will not only make the relationship of the young lovers difficult, but also their family relationship, when Magdalena senses that Silvina is an important part of a dark episode in her father's past.

On the other hand, the twins Pablo ( Matías Oviedo ) and Matilde ( Fernanda Urrejola ) try to accommodate themselves to having a father, but the idea of ​​a happy and welcoming family will gradually fade when Matilde begins to reject the father figure that Demetrio ( Patricio Achurra ) tries to impose.

But that's not all, because after a chaotic start of classes with the school under the command of his sister Sofía ( Consuelo Holzapfel ), Manuel ( Willy Semler ) decides to re-establish order in Antumapu, assuming again as the director of the establishment with the goal of reinstating discipline at all costs.

Important decisions and family secrets. The search for vertigo. Children facing their parents. Parents not knowing their children. Friendship and love before the countdown. Adulthood just one step further.


Magdalena is discharged from the hospital, after a miraculous improvement in her health from dreaming of David. Her classmates welcome her to their home with a party, where she tells Silvina that she forgives her for all the damage she caused her. Silvina tells him that while she was hospitalized, she thought about her every day and wrote her a diary so that she would know everything that was happening in her world and the suffering of all her loved ones, while she was in a coma. Later Magdalena escapes from the party and goes to see David, since he did not go to the celebration. He tells him that thanks to him he survived and they are talking in a square.

The boys finish the last year of school at Antumapu, and Silvina must return to Buenos Aires to take care of her mother. Magdalena and Manuel are going to drop her off at the airport, and Silvina thanks Magdalena for forgiving her, in a very emotional scene. At that moment Nacho arrives to say goodbye, and then Silvina prepares to leave, while Nacho and Magdalena have a conversation alone. He tells her that he misses her and that he regrets that things have ended that way, and Magdalena replies that they should not regret so much since things happened like this and nothing can be done. He also tells him that he suffered a lot, but that he will never forget the things they lived together, just like Nacho. Thus, they say goodbye emotionally and make things clear.

  • Álvaro and Canela decided to get married, as they had another child, a girl named Almendra. They both manage an ecological resort in the south of the country.
  • Pablo studied computer science and married Estrella, they had two children and are expecting twins.
  • Matilde fulfilled her dream of studying art, exhibited an important gallery in Santiago and had three children.
  • Nicolás recovered from his drug addiction, and after leaving the rehabilitation center, he spent two years with Alejandra.
  • Fabiana returned to television driving stellar.
  • Darío decided to look for Verónica, he looked for her for a long time, until he found her, but he doesn't know if she's happy.
  • Nacho finally studied law, dedicates himself to photography and divides his time between Santiago and Buenos Aires.
  • David and Magdalena were together for three years, separated, and got back together. He draws comics and has a magazine, and she is dedicated to writing the stories of the protagonists.





Sound band

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  2. Tiziano Ferro - Hallucinated (Nacho and Magdalena Theme)
  3. Hoobastank - The Reason (Nacho and Silvina's Theme)
  4. U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Tema de David y Magdalena)
  5. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Tema de David)
  6. Marilyn Manson - This Is the New Shit (Tema de David)
  7. Alex Ubago - As soon as possible
  8. Julieta Venegas - Slow
  9. Link Wray - Rumble (Nicholas Theme)
  10. IN 3.14 - Dear sello
  11. María Jimena Pereyra - If you are not here
  12. Belinda - Angel (Pablo and Fabiana Theme)
  13. Sin Bandera - Que lloro (Dario and Veronica theme)
  14. Obie Bermúdez - Before (Álvaro and Canela's Theme)
  15. The Law - Look at You (David and Matilde Theme)
  16. Airbag - The departure of the gypsy
  17. Chlorine - Iron 26
  18. Attaque 77 - Heartbreaker (Pablo and Estrella Theme)
  19. Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me (Alejandra's Theme)
  20. Hilary and Haylie Duff - Our Lips Are sealed
  21. Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
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  23. Julieta Venegas - Where I Want To Be
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