Chronicle of the city of Düren / 1976-2000 - Chronik der Stadt Düren/1976–2000

This list is a partial list of the chronicle of the city of Düren . It lists events dated from 1976 to 2000 in Düren .


  • The titles "Lord Mayor" and "Oberstadtdirektor", which have been used since 1905, have to be changed to "Mayor" and "City Director"
  • Bankruptcy of the " Dürener Metallwerke ". All aluminum hides for the zeppelins were made here
  • The extension of the commercial and technical schools is completed
  • 1.9 .: Inauguration of the new hospital in Roonstr. (Construction costs around 65 million DM)


  • The Brück brick factory in Rölsdorf, An der Ziegelei, was the last brick factory in Düren to be demolished
  • Demolition of the old parish church in Hoven
  • Inauguration of the new premises of the Dürener Kreisbahn in the Kölner Landstrasse.
  • Start of P&R traffic on the 4 Saturdays before Christmas
  • 2.1 .: Beginning of the demolition of the old hospital in the Roonstr.
  • 3.3 .: Start of construction of the C&A department store in Josef-Schregel-Str.
  • March: City council resolution on the construction of a parking garage in Marienstrasse. in the park of the indoor swimming pool Bismarckstr. (not realized)
  • 11th to 18th March: Demolition of the prayer chapel in Hoven due to structural defects
  • 23.3 .: Demolition of the hotel "Kaiserhof", formerly Villa Hinsberg, in Schillerstr. because of dilapidation. Now part of the tax office there. The entrance arch of the hotel was integrated into the new building.
  • June: Demolition of the maternity home in the Roonstr.
  • June: Demolition of the old people's home in Waisenhausstrasse. and new building in the same place
  • 7.6 .: Laying of the foundation stone for the Wehebachtalsperre
  • July 22: Topping-out ceremony at C&A in Josef-Schregel-Str.
  • 23.7 .: The water tower in Mariaweiler is blown up


  • 2.1 .: Topping-out ceremony for the new Deutsche Bank building next to the Christ Church in Schenkelstr.
  • March: Opening of C&A in Josef-Schregel-Straße
  • 1.4 .: The new special school for the mentally handicapped (Christophorus School), In der Mühlenau 7, is occupied, (later moved to Stockheimer Landstrasse)
  • September 22nd: Start of exploration of the Hambach lignite mine


  • Redesign of the intersection area Phillipstr./Schenkelstr. and demolition of the Protestant rectory and other buildings
  • The Düren circular railway takes on a separate bus service for the disabled
  • 1.1 .: The city of Düren takes over the secondary schools Bretzelnweg and Wernersstr from the district of Düren.
  • 1.1 .: The Dürener Kreisbahn joins the Aachen Transport Association (AVV)
  • 2.1 .: Groundbreaking ceremony for the new fire and rescue station in Brussels Street (previously together with the vehicle fleet, now depot, in Rurstrasse)
  • June 18: The 7th Belgian tank regiment leaves Düren
  • 1.-2.9 .: The IG Düren-City organizes the 1st Düren city festival
  • December 22nd: The minesweeper DÜREN is decommissioned and will be converted into a hollow rod by April 1st, 1989. Location: Wilhelmshaven


  • Gotthilf Fischer tried to teach the Düren people to sing. From the Flammenegel monument on Kaiserplatz, he directed the Dürener.
  • The Missionaries of St. Family building in Kurfürstenstr. another house as the seat of the Provincial and the Provincial Treasurer
  • January: In the area of ​​the Oberpostdirektion Cologne, the Düren telecommunications office is the first to switch to the 8-minute cycle
  • February: The vocational training and business development center on Paradiesstrasse starts operations
  • April: A major fire at the Burgau animal shelter completely destroyed the couple's apartment
  • May: The Villa Mevis is occupied as an educational facility for the Mittelrhein Football Association .
  • May: Federal Building Minister Dieter Haack visits the Rölsdofer housing estates
  • May 14th: The 1st regiment of the Belgian lancers says goodbye to Düren with a large parade of troops on Annakirmesplatz
  • June 9: The IG City of Düren is founded
  • September: Start of construction of the first multi-storey car park in Düren in Langemarckstrasse. (Opening on December 4, 1980), later the StadtCenter car park
  • October 15: The Bundeswehr Home Guard Brigade 53 moves into the tank barracks with around 700 soldiers. The 17th tank brigade was the last Belgian military to leave Düren
  • 10.11.-12.12 .: Young people occupy the Pleußmühle to protest against the inaction of the council and administration in the matter of "Latz-Hallen", Veldener Str. A cultural youth club should be set up there
  • December: The Renker paper mill, Niederau, is sold to the ALDI chain


  • 1st - 4th May: 1st May market in Düren on the Annakirmesplatz
  • 27./28.2 .: Demolition of the Courtenbachhof in Oberstr.
  • June: Start of road expansion in August-Klotz-Str. from the district court to Stürtzstr.
  • 19.9 .: Inauguration of the new building of the fire and rescue station in Bruxelles Str.
  • October: The German homeland security brigade, which has occupied the former Belgian barracks, now "Panzerkaserne", for about a year, introduces itself to the Düren dignitaries
  • October: The Turkish-Islamic cultural association buys the house at Veldener Str. 61. It uses it as a cultural center and mosque.


1.8 .: The 5-day week is introduced in all schools. From now on there are no classes on Saturdays. Since the 1970s, the number of Saturdays off had been steadily increasing by one a month, etc.


  • Start of P&R traffic (Park & ​​Ride) throughout the week from Annakirmesplatz to the city center through the Düren circular railway
  • The Homeland Security Brigade leaves the tank barracks. The repair company follows
  • 11.5 .: The Wehebachtalsperre is handed over to its destination
  • May 27th: The last passenger train runs on the Düren-Zülpich route
  • 1.9 .: Start of construction of the new telecommunications office "Am Ellernbusch"
  • September 17: The fountain with the depiction of the Düren originals in Wirtelstrasse is inaugurated
  • December 13: Hans Becker (CDU) succeeds Mayor Wolfgang Vogt (CDU)


30.9 .: The SPD forms a coalition with the Greens and thus receives a majority in this local election. Josef Vosen , who will soon be nicknamed "Schöppe Jupp", becomes mayor


  • September: Celebration "400 years of fire protection in Düren"
  • September: The new forensic psychiatry next to the Rheinische Landesklinik is inaugurated
  • End of 1985: The 30 km / h regulation is introduced for the settlements in Rölsdorf.
  • December 31: The partnership between Düren and the Moselle town of Wintrich is reactivated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary


  • The construction company Strabag moves from Arnoldsweilerweg to Eschweiler via Feld. [1]
  • 8.2 .: The Düren cinema Schauburg closes
  • 25.5.-2.6 .: 1st Düren Children's Culture Days
  • September 20: The park-and-ride system (Norddüren - Kaiserplatz - Annakirmesplatz) is put into operation
  • November 13th: Chamber singer Rudolf Schock is found dead in his house in Gürzenich Parkstrasse


  • Demolition of Monschauer Str. In the center of Rölsdorfer
  • 28.8 .: First groundbreaking ceremony for the new " House of the City "
  • September 24th: The city council decided to set up a paper museum in the Opel Meisenberg building, Wallstrasse
  • December: At the end of the campaign, the Düren sugar factory is closed


  • April: Start of construction of the second multi-storey car park in Arnoldsweilerstrasse
  • April: Inauguration of the central bus station (ZOB) at the corner of Josef-Schregel-Str./Eisenbahnstr.
  • June 29th: The city council decides to erect a public work of art by the sculptor Ulrich Rückriem as a reminder of the victims of National Socialism. Record of the unmarked steles in 10 places from 1988–1990
  • July 30th-August 7th: 350th anniversary celebration “Annakirmes” with a big pageant


  • January: The Düren depot, which was built in 1933 and decommissioned on July 1, 1986, is the pre-station between Düren and Merzenich and is demolished. The water tower was demolished in 1986 because it was in disrepair.
  • 11.3 .: The “commercial and domestic school” in Zülpicher Str. Is renamed “ Nelly-Pütz-Schule
  • 1.4 .: The former minesweeper was converted into a hollow rod and is now back in service.
  • 1.5 .: Inauguration of the “City-Bad” leisure pool after the renovation of the old indoor pool in Bismarckstrasse.
  • November: Commissioning of the multi-storey car park on Arnoldsweilerstr.


  • There are still 14 paper mills in Düren
  • March: The new paper museum in Wallstrasse opens
  • October 3rd: Reunification of the FRG and the GDR
  • 20.10 .: The former administration building of the Birgel office is opened as a club house for the Rölsdorfer local club


  • The city library moves from Arnoldsweilerstraße to the Haus der Stadt
  • January: Inauguration of the Wirteltorhaus on the corner of Hans-Brückmann-Str. / Arnoldsweilerstr.
  • The renovated Pleußmühle is inaugurated as a cultural center
  • 11.2 .: Due to the Gulf War, which began on January 17, 1991, the carnival procession in Düren, as in all surrounding towns, is canceled. Most of the hall events are canceled
  • June 20: Berlin is elected as the seat of government: 338 MPs vote for Berlin, 320 for Bonn
  • November 30th: The "House of the City" in Fritz-Erler-Str. is solemnly inaugurated


  • 1992: Commissioning of the water wheel in the pond at the Pleußmühle, shut down in 2018
  • March: The footbridge over the Rur (formerly Rurbadeanstalt), above the three-belt bridge , is broken off
  • April 13, 3:20 am: earthquake in Düren with a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter scale, which is open at the top; no significant damage. The center of the quake was Roermond / NL.
  • 19.9 .: The local station “ Radio Rur ” goes on air


  • 1.1 .: The Eifel-Rur Water Association (WVER), an amalgamation of various associations, is founded
  • March: Dismantling of the Marian column on the market square (built 1857)
  • 23.5 .: 1st trip of a rail bus of the Düren district railway, which has bought the railway lines Düren - Heimbach and Düren - Jülich from the Deutsche Bundesbahn for the price of 1.00 DM It's called the Rurtalbahn .
  • 1.9 .: 5-digit postcodes are introduced in Germany. Düren now has several postcodes, e.g. B. Indoor booth 52349. Before that, Düren had the postcode 5160 for all areas (since 1961, before that the 516 and even earlier the 22c).
  • 24.9 .: The Merkener Busch sewage treatment plant goes into operation after a four-year planning and construction period


  • January 25: Laying of the foundation stone for the extension of the St. Nikolaus retirement home in Dr.-Overhues-Allee
  • March 16: Mayor Josef Vosen announces that the mining offices of Cologne and Aachen will be merged and that 40 employees will move into a house next to the “House of the City” in Düren-Nord
  • 'March 19: The Kelly Family is a guest in Düren
  • 1.-10.4 .: In Düren a business fair takes place for the first time on the Annakirmesplatz (Düren 94)
  • 10.9 .: Opening of the redesigned market place
  • 16.10 .: Local, district and federal elections: The city council consists of - () = last election: SPD 26 (29), CDU 22 (19), Greens 3 (0), FDP 0 (3). Josef Vosen remains mayor .
  • October 20: Beginning of the one-week 100th anniversary celebration of Kaufhof AG in Düren


  • The Buirer purchase and sales cooperative sells its premises, today Lidl, on Kölner Landstrasse. The silo will be demolished in the same or subsequent year.
  • January 20th: Topping-out ceremony at the extension of the Telekom, Am Ellernbusch
  • 29.3 .: In the new building next to the Haus der Stadt in Josef-Schregel-Str. Another mining authority is inaugurated. The entire Rhenish lignite mining area is looked after from here
  • March: The decision to build the new administration building for the Eifel-Rur water board next to the Thelen clothing store is made
  • May: The mechanical-biological residual waste treatment plant (MBRA) starts trial operation at the Horm landfill .
  • 11.10 .: The caretaker building at the town hall in Wilhelmstrasse. will be torn down to make way for the new City Care building


  • Dissolution of the road maintenance depot in Düren on Nideggener Straße
  • January: The Kockelkorn House and the building of the former Deutsche Bank in Schenkelstr. between Kreissparkasse and Wilhelmstr. are demolished by the company Pütz, Merzenich. The new City Caree is being built here, client: Kreissparkasse Düren
  • 21.3 .: The Peill & Putzler glassworks in Glashüttenstr. finally ceases production. Of the original 1,500 workers, 50 will continue to be employed, who only deal in imports from Slovenia, Poland and southern France.
  • May 30th: The foundation stone for the new administration building of the WVER (Wasserverband Eifel-Rur) is laid opposite the mining office near the main train station. The cost is around DM 10 million.
  • 2.6 .: The Düren – Neuss railway line is closed
  • June 30th: The socio-therapeutic model institute for lawbreakers at risk of relapse, designed for 33 people, is closed in the district court prison.
  • December 9th: The supervisory board of the municipal utilities decides to sell the Citybad in Bismarckstrasse. After the demolition, a shopping center will be built there in 1998.


  • The Missionaries of St. The family decide to sell the two houses on Bonner Strasse and Kurfürstenstrasse. to the Caritas Association Düren-Jülich
  • The Cellitinnen hand over the administration of the Lendersdorf hospital to Caritas .
  • March 31: abandonment of the Düren military base (tank barracks)
  • May 25: The city park is renamed " Willy-Brandt-Park ". At the same time, a bronze sculpture of the former Federal Chancellor will be placed there.
  • 1.8 .: At the beginning of the school year, the first special schools will build the “Athenée Royal” school center on Stockheimer Landstr. based.
  • August 24th: The Rurtal-Express (REX) travels for the first time since 1983 on the Düren-Euskirchen-Olef railway line on the occasion of the craft market in Olef. This special trip is organized by the Wurm-Rur-Inde Steam Railway Association. The Düren Kreisbahn wants to take over the route again for passenger traffic
  • July 27th: On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Annakirmes (July 26th - August 3rd, 1997) there will be a parade with 46 groups from the Haus der Stadt to the fairground
  • 11.11 .: The previous honorary mayor Josef Vosen (SPD) is elected 1st full-time mayor. The election period of the current city director Eckhard Creutz expires in February 1998. Vosen must resign from the Bundestag when he takes office.
  • December: Paul Emil Hoesch, Rölsdorf, relocates production from the paint mill to Euskirchen. In January 1998 production starts again temporarily in Rölsdorf after a fire in Euskirchen
  • December 24th: The City-Bad, built in 1958 in Bismarckstrasse. finally closes its doors and is then torn down


  • 1.1 .: The management of the three old people's homes of the Cellitinnen (Niederau, Rita-Stift and Nideggen) is transferred to the Senioren-GmbH Cologne.
  • March 12th: The Comet Cinema with seven cinemas is opened next to the Haus der Stadt.
  • 25.3 .: The UT cinema in Kleine Zehnthofstr. surrenders to the Comet Cinema and gives up
  • May to July: The Citybad in Bismarckstrasse is demolished.
  • 3.6 .: The Bundestag member Josef Vosen (SPD) has resigned his Bundestag mandate and will be appointed the first full-time mayor of the city of Düren today in a special session of the city council. [2]
  • August: The construction of the Christophorus School begins on the site of the former Belgian Athenée Royal high school on Stockheimer Landstrasse
  • August 15: The City-Karree is opened with an “Open Day”.
  • 5.9 .: The district adult education center is included in the Guinness Book of Records , as 687 guitarists play a total of eight songs together.
  • December 7th: The Road Traffic Office moves from Aachener Str. (Former police building) to a newly built house on the grounds of the Dürener Kreisbahn (DKB) on Kölner Landstr.
  • December 23: Johannes Kaptain (CDU), district administrator from 1964 to 1989, * 29. June 1926, dies in his hometown Kreuzau
  • December 31: The anniversary year "1250 years of the city of Düren" ends with a big New Year's Eve ball in the "Haus der Stadt"


  • 11.8 .: Solar eclipse over Europe
  • 12.9 .: Local elections in NRW. For the first time in 50 years, the city director is abolished and a full-time mayor is elected. The CDU wins again the majority in the city council. Neither Josef Vosen (SPD) nor Paul Larue (CDU) win an absolute majority as a candidate for mayor and have to go to the runoff election.
  • September 26th: Paul Larue (CDU) emerged from the runoff election as the winner with 54.6% of the votes cast. He is the city's first elected full-time mayor. He heads the administration and presides over the city council.
  • December 21: The district council decides to merge the Kreissparkasse and the Stadtsparkasse on January 1st, 2001
  • 22.12 .: The city council also passed a resolution to merge the two savings banks into Sparkasse Düren


  • 1.1 .: The Ursulines hand over the sponsorship of the St. Angela-Schule to the St. Angela-Schulgesellschaft GmbH
  • The Sturmbrauerei in Frankenstr. will be demolished. Residential houses are being built there.
  • January 29th: The demolition of the old police building and later road traffic office in Aachener Straße begins
  • 3.2 .: In the press it is announced that Father Frans van den Bosch, a Eucharist Father, will end his activity as pastor at St. Peter Julian after 22 years at the end of the year. Then the parish will be dissolved and the buildings will be sold.
  • 7.3 .: First groundbreaking ceremony for the extension of the police building on the site of the former road traffic office (previously the police building) in Aachener Straße
  • End of July: The purchase of a 27 hectare site from the former tank barracks is notarized. The city of Düren and the municipality of Kreuzau want to establish a joint inter-municipal industrial park there.
  • June 15: Inauguration of the new building of the Pope Johannes House at the Anna Church
  • June 29th: The DÜREN hollow bar boat is decommissioned and sold by VEBEG to South Africa , where it is used as a coastal defense boat .
  • June 23: The Gothe bicycle shop, in the great valley, opens. Before that, it was Jäger & Gothe in Kölnstrasse
  • 23.9 .: The Christophorus School moves to the “Athenée Royal” school center on Stockheimer Landstr. around
  • October 12th: The supervisory board of Dürener Kreisbahn (DKB) decides to partially privatize the bus area. A new subsidiary is to be formed, in which DKB will hold 49% and the Aachen bus company Taeter with 51%.
  • 30.10 .: job-com eGmbH, a company for the promotion of employment in the city and district of Düren, starts its work
  • 1.11 .: The Stadtsparkasse Düren and the Kreissparkasse Düren merge. As of today there is only the Sparkasse Düren with the bank code 395 501 10. The bank code of the former Stadtsparkasse (395 500 00) is no longer available.
  • 1.12 .: The parish of St. Peter Julian in Kölnstr. ceases to exist. The monastery and church are sold to the Cellitinnen in Cologne. The parish is united with the St. Anna parish


  2. According to the new municipal code, from 1999 the previous dual leadership - voluntary. Mayor / full-time City manager - gone. With the departure of city director Creutz, Düren took the opportunity to elect a full-time mayor now.