1977 (guitar) - 1977 (Gitarre)

1977 is a classical guitar built in 1977 in Spain by Juan Alvarez for Eric Clapton . Clapton played the guitar on MTV's Unplugged in January 1992.


Clapton played the guitar on the 1991 music video for Tears In Heaven as well as in the studio recording. In addition, it was used on the Japan tour jointly organized with George Harrison in 1991, and in 1992 at MTV Unplugged. The last time Clapton played it was in February 1992 at the Royal Albert Hall in London , where the guitar was nicknamed in 1977 . Clapton gave the guitar to Giorgio Armani , who donated the guitar to the Crossroads auction in 2004. [1]

In 2004, Clapton auctioned the guitar for $ 253,900, the proceeds of which went to the Crossroads Center in Antigua . 1977 is considered the most expensive classical guitar in the world.


Individual evidence

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