Pandora 1985/1998 - Pandora 1985/1998

Pandora 1985/1998
Live album of Pandora
Publication July 25, 1998
Recording May 8, 1998
Genders) Pop
Format Double Cassette, Double CD
Record label EMI Music Mexico
Producer (s) Guillermo "Memo" Gil
Pandora Timeline
Just three nights ago
Pandora 1985/1998
Be with me again
Singles by Pandora 1985/1998
  1. «La usurpadora»
    Published: February 9, 1998
  2. «Pandora Potpourri»
    Posted: July 25, 1998
  3. «Potpourri Juan Gabriel»
    Published: September 4, 1998
  4. «As long as you see you happy»
    Posted: November 11, 1998

Pandora 1985/1998 is the first live album made by the musical group Pandora under the production of the record company EMI Music México. It was released as a double CD cassette double in the year 1998 and was recorded live during his presentation at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City held on May 8, 1998. [ 1 ]

This album contains the studio recorded song "La Usurpadora" which is the title track of the successful Mexican Telenovela of the same name.


To celebrate their 13-year career and validate the continuation of the group, Pandora performs a concert at the Metropolitan Theater on Friday, May 8, 1998, where they perform the main hits obtained during their career. It should be noted that this album was reissued in 2003 and the DVD sale of the concert was released in December, which occupied the first places of sale for six weeks. This was Pandora's return to the massive stages, since since Liliana's departure they hadn't made one, in addition to the triumphant return of Fernanda Meade to the trio. Many of the songs in this production such as Con tu Amor, Mi Fracaso, Matándome Suavemente (who Fernanda performed the soloist part of Isabel for Meade to open the concert ) and thePotpourri by Juan Gabriel among others, are for the first time, for many, heard under Fernanda's version since her reintegration into the group; as well as in turn they incorporate to the repertoire the song "My Man" that since his departure had not been performed by the group again. In addition to "Una Historia Sin Miedo" , a successful song from Fernanda's time as a soloist, in dedication to Liliana Abaroa for the 7 years she was in the group and to Fernanda herself for her return, they also interpret the main song of the telenovela La Usurpadora but on the album only the studio version goes on sale and not the one they performed that day live.


The group does an intense promotion of the album, appearing in various television programs and on the telethon that year, as well as touring the entire Republic. Taking advantage of the success of the telenovela La Usurpadora , they chose that theme as the spearhead for the promotion of the album, in addition to the Pandora Potpourri, Juan Gabriel Potpourri and the only unreleased song on the album Con tal de verte feliz by maestro Armando Manzanero.


The album reached a gold record for its high sales, and in 2003 when "Pandora en Vivo" was released, which is a reissue of it, but this time on CD and DVD with which they received a gold record again.


Pandora 1985/1998 CD 1
N.º Title Duration
1. "Killing me gently" 3:40
2. "Only him and me" 4:17
3. "With your love" 6:25
4. "My failure" 3:47
5. "My man" 3:31
6. "I can not stop thinking about you" 3:57
7. "A kiss and a flower" 4:21
8. "Since the day you left" 3:36
9. "Someone fill my place" 4:16
10. «Piano Potpourri: And come / I would be able / She was filled with love» 8:41

Pandora 1985/1998 CD 2
N.º Title Duration
1. «Pandora Potpourri: When you are not with me / Like a butterfly / Trapped / Love me more / Neither you nor I / When you want, leave me / Nobody dances like you / El noa noa» 10:40
2. "How are you doing, honey" 6:52
3. "A story without fear" 4:59
4. "After you what" 3:55
5. "The phony" 3:29
6. «I forgot again» 3:39
7. "Eternal love" 5:52
8. «Potpourri Juan Gabriel» 6:32
9. "Just to see you happy (Unpublished)" 3:45
10. "The usurper (Original study)" 3:25


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