19th Mixed Brigade (People's Army of the Republic) - 19.ª Brigada Mixta (Ejército Popular de la República)

19th Mixed Brigade
Active December 1936 - January 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 19th Mixed Brigade was a unit of the Popular Army of the Republic created during the Spanish Civil War .


The unit was created in December 1936, in the town of Villena , from replacement recruits. The command was assumed by the infantry commander Manuel Márquez Sánchez de Movellán . [ 1 ] In mid-January 1937, the 17th BM moved to the Arganda sector , integrated into the group headed by Arturo Mena . The brigade took part in the Battle of Jarama defending the La Marañosa chemical factory , without success. Later he launched several counterattacks against the hills of Coberteras and against "El Espolón" in Vaciamadrid.; he did not get to occupy both positions, although he did manage to stop the opposing offensive. [ 1 ]

In July 1937 he took part in the Battle of Brunete , although his participation was irrelevant. By then it was integrated into the 24th Division of the II Army Corps . During the following months he did not have any outstanding performance. On March 26, 1938, before Franco's offensive on the Aragón Front, the 19th BM was transferred to this area to try to reinforce the weakened republican forces. It was incorporated into the so-called «Division Y», north of the Ebro river . However, before the enemy attacks had to withdraw beyond the town of Artesa de Segre. On May 22, he fought hard against Franco's forces in the Peñas de Aolo, which changed hands twice; the head of the 19th World Bank, Castro Rodríguez, would be awarded the Medal of Valor. [ 1 ]

In December 1938, with the beginning of the Offensive in Catalonia , the brigade was covering the left bank of the Ebro river from the town of Garcia to the Mediterranean Sea. The collapse of the Republican central front left the 19th WB in a very compromised position, and it had to withdraw. It would be able to reach Barcelona , where it was added to the XV Army Corps , but by January 31, 1939 the unit had already ceased to exist as an effective combat force. [ 1 ]



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