1. BC Neustadt (Orla) - 1. BC Neustadt (Orla)

1. Billard Club Neustadt an der Orla 1997 e. V.
Billiard Picto 2-white-l.svg
founding 1951 as the billiards section of BSG Motor Neustadt (Orla) (re-establishment: 1997)
Club colors Green white
discipline Collision
president Holger Wetzel [1]
Members 31
Venue Cabka-Arena
(club house on the parking deck)
League Technology:
  • Bundesliga (all-around) - Group 2 (AAB team)
  • Thuringian Oberliga (I.)
  • Thuringian Regional League (II.)
  • Thuringian national class (III.)

Turntable :

  • Thuringian Three-League League (I. / II.)
2014/15 Technology:
  • 8th place (AAB team)
  • 1st place - Thuringian Champion (I.)
  • 4th place (II.)
  • 3. Platz (III.)


  • 1st place - Thuringian Champion (I.)
  • 3rd place (II.)

Three-way cup Thuringia:

  • 1st place (cup winner)
Address Mühlstrasse 20b
07806 Neustadt an der Orla
Homepage billard-neustadt.de
Stand: 2014

The 1st Billard Club Neustadt an der Orla 1997 e. V. is a sports club from the eastern Thuringian city of Neustadt an der Orla .

In billiards carom the 1. BC Neustadt (Orla) is an important representative in Thuringia. Since the 1999/2000 season, the club has played with the AAB team in the national league (all-around). The club is also active in all leagues (national class, regional, upper and three-tier league) as well as in the cup games in Thuringia.


Start time

Before the Second World War, there were two publicly used billiard tables in Neustadt an der Orla and one in the Villa Becchio, privately used in a completely exclusively furnished billiard room on August-Bebel-Straße. It was there that Helmut Auerswald, a classmate of the Schiller School, which used the villa as a clubhouse, began to play billiards. He then joined the billiards section in the “Eiskeller” sports center, which was established in 1951 as part of the democratic sports movement. Neustadt's organized billiards sport began with the founding by Fritz Loos, E. Hoyen, Werner Pfeiffer and Walter Rosenkranz. Finally, with Helmut Auerswald, then Aribert Mußbach and P. Hirsch, young newcomers were added for the first time. In the case of best investigations in a circle against Pößneck(Neustadt's neighboring town) the first successes were achieved. The old strongholds of Jena, Gera and Saalfeld with high membership numbers and the specially sponsored steel team from Maxhütte set the tone . [2]

Promotion to the GDR league

The "newcomer" Neustadt was then able to form a team with talented young people, including Uwe Hermes, J. Rosenkranz, H.-Peter Fickert with Aribert Mußbach and Kurt Kögler, which played in the second division from 1961 to 1963. J. Rosenkranz won the first GDR bronze medal for the Neustadt youth billiards sport (1966). After Sportlerheim and Friedensgarten (Fürstengarten) you had to do without a venue for two years. In total, the club changed venues four times. In 1976 the club became district champion and rose to the 2nd GDR league. In 1979 the promotion to the 1st GDR league and ascent from Neustadt II (youngsters) to the 2nd GDR league took place.

The top line-up played twelve times in a row, Aribert Mußbach, Helmut Auerswald, Bernd Schneider, Volkmar Richter and Helmut Hofmann against Meerane, Leipzig, Dresden, Bernburg, Meißen, Magdeburg, Karl-Marx-Stadt, Suhl and Gera. The attendance record at that time was 18 and the first sponsor Kurt Klinger donated 5.00 GDR marks. In the school and youth area of ​​the GDR, 5 individual titles were won by Bernd Schneider, Ralf Lenhard and Uwe Gottschald and finally 2 GDR team championship titles. The club remained until the end, except for a two-year "hangover", in the second highest division of the GDR.


Problems arose with the provision of game material (billiards, towels , balls, cues and billiard chalk ) in terms of quantity and quality. It was even more difficult to find exercise rooms. In 50 years the club was in 6 billiard rooms. Except for the last two, all the others did not do justice to the sport (poor heating, no adjoining room and toilet). Billiards had a weak image, had a reputation for being too bourgeois or was dismissed as a pub game - and it was not an Olympic sport, so it received no additional state funding. With numerous medals won at SpartakiadsIn the district and district, rating points were collected for statistics and reputation in the BSG, in the town or in the district. Today the club lives through and with active members from four young generations. Another strength was the developing and then consciously cultivated sociability of the Neustadt billiards, including family and relatives. Thanks to the initiatives of Uwe Hermes and the personal contribution of all members, the association created a functional billiard sports facility (with toilet and small kitchen) in the former VEB Wotufa in Gerberstrasse in 1986. It made the club host large championships in the GDR area.

After the turn

With the turnaround , new structures arose (states instead of districts) - but also new opportunities. The athletic entry was made by U. Gottschald, U. Hermes, V. Richter and A. Schiemann, who won the game for Blau-Weiss Neustadt in the new Thuringia league with a 10: 6 success in Schleiz - Oschitz . Bernd Schneider, who came back, took part in the European Championship (match billiards) in Berlin in 1991 and achieved a remarkable 16th place.

Sports facility "Am Parkdeck"

The club house with the 1st BC sports facility on the ground floor - the "Cabka-Arena"

In 1996 a new sports facility was taken over in the municipal club house on the parking deck - with six new tables from Belgium. They separated from the SV Blau-Weiss and founded the independent 1st Billard Club Neustadt (Orla) 1997 e. V., again with Helmut Auerswald on the board and as an active player. From the Oberland, the strong Oschitzer Thomas Stöckel joined the 1st BC. Gerhard Richter, Ulrich Dankwerth (SV Schwarza), Jens Schumann (SV Schwarza), Franzel Simon, Helge Nietsche and Manuel Orttmann joined them later. A third team was founded with Uwe Hermes as the coach of a five-person youth team. The first was Thuringian state champion in 1996/97, the second champion of the Thuringian state league. In 2000 the club won 15 medals (8 gold medals) and achieved many successes in young talent.

In the new millennium

The still young club struggled hard in the 2nd Bundesliga, but always managed to keep the class. The Oberliga team (highest Thuringian league) also achieved success. After different team formations, especially the 2nd team, the club is solid. After promotion to the 1st Bundesliga, relegation, relegation and direct promotion, Neustadt was the only representative of the Thuringian billiard carom clubs at the highest national level. The Oberliga team (Neustadt I) celebrated the championship title almost every year and is currently champions. After the disbandment and re-establishment as a youth team, the 2nd team played the regional league and regional class and is again represented in the second highest Thuringian league, the regional league, with a one-year break from 2011/12.

Further establishment and new youth players

As the only representation from East Germany, they are now the 14th year in the Bundesliga - 3 years in the 1st Bundesliga and 11 years in the 2nd Bundesliga. The Neustadt AAB team is currently fighting for direct promotion in the 2nd Bundesliga. The league team successfully defended their championship title in 2012. In the regional league, the second team is stable and no longer has to fear being relegated again. They were able to establish themselves in the league and are now playing for the top positions. As the only representation in Thuringia, 1. BC Neustadt (Orla) has had its own youth team since the 2012/13 season. The team, consisting of four young players, competes in the Thuringian regional class. In the three-cushion league, the Neustädter sports club has a new team with Holger Wetzel and Manuel Orttmann in addition to the established team around Jens Schumann and Helge Nietsche. After a total of 6 successful defenses of the Thuringian Three Cushion Cup and currently reigning champions, the Orlastädter count as the most successful club of the tournament. In 2013 the East Thuringians managed to return to the 1st Bundesliga (all-around).


Federal team championship (BMM) in three cushion

After 2005, the 1st BC Neustadt (Orla) was able to secure the hosting of the prestigious event on a national level again for 2014. [3] The BMM is in the three-band will be played -Disziplin the tournament in billiards Cabka Arena from June 20 to 22, 2014. In addition to the Orlastädter team, other teams with absolute billiards will be guests.

State championships

The homestead "on the parking deck" is the venue for many Thuringian state championships. Especially the Cadre championships (71/2 [4] and 35/2 [5] ) on the tournament and match billiards take place in Neustadt (Orla). In Thuringia only the clubs from Erfurt and Neustadt (Orla) have large match billiards, so that the championships in one or three cushion are often played on Neustadt tables.


The main sponsors are AAB Automatisierungs- und Anlagenbau GmbH Neustadt (Orla) and CABKA GmbH & Co. KG from Weira .


Individual evidence

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