1. EV Weiden - 1. EV Weiden

1. EV Weiden
1. EV Weiden
Greatest successes

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga 2003
German upper division champions 2003
Promotion to the upper division 1991 , 2012
German regional division champions 1991
Bavarian runner-up / 4. League 2012
Champion Regionalliga Süd 2001

Club information
history 1. EV Weiden (1985–2000)
Blue Devils Weiden (since 2000)
Location Willows in the Upper Palatinate
Nickname Blue Devils Weiden
Parent club 1. EV Weiden e. V.
Club colors blue White
League Ice hockey league
Venue Hans-Schröpf-Arena / Weiden leisure center
capacity 2,560 seats (including 1,260 seats)
Head coach Ken Latta
captain Ralf Herbst
2019/20 season 9th place orienteering south

The 1. EV Weiden , founded in 1985, is an ice hockey club from Weiden in the Upper Palatinate . The professional team has been playing in the third-class ice hockey league since the 2012/13 season .

The club's greatest sporting success to date, which plays its home games in the Hans-Schröpf-Arena with a capacity of 2,560 , was promoted to the 2nd national ice hockey league in 2003.

Since 2018 the first team in the Blue Devils Spielbetriebs-GmbH has been outsourced. [1]


Ice hockey at SpVgg Weiden

As early as the winter of 1949/50, SpVgg Weiden set up a natural ice rink for the first time , on which a SpVgg ice hockey team played their first game against a combined team from EV Füssen (final score 1:22) on the weekend of January 20th to 21st, 1950 . [2] In the following weeks the team was subject to the SV Hof 8: 0 [2] and won at home against the team of Wacker Marktredwitz 4: 0th [2] At this time, no real ice rink in Weiden was present, the ice hockey but was never properly established and disappeared mid-sixties again from the scene.

Foundation of the 1st EV Weiden

After it became known that an ice rink was to be built in Weiden , a few ice hockey fans founded the 1st EV Weiden in 1985. Before a team took part in league operations for the first time in 1987, the club was a hobby team. The first friendly match took place on September 4th in front of 2,300 spectators against ESV Bayreuth and was lost 1:19. In the first season 1987/88 they played in the national league, in the end they were fifth with 18:18 points and 82:97 goals.

In the following season, the 1. EV Weiden made it to the Bavarian League as the first in the promotion round after finishing third in the main round. In addition to the sporting success, the number of spectators in the nine home games increased from an average of 1,633 (1987/88; total 14,694) to 2,078 (1988/89; total 18,705).

From the Bayernliga to the Oberliga Süd

After the rise in the regional league "only" succeeded in the second season, the Weidener managed in the two following seasons the promotion from the Bavarian League to the Regional League South and from there to the Oberliga Süd right away.

In their first league season , the team reached the championship in the preliminary round, so they could assert themselves for the first time in the "Oberpfalz duel" against EV Regensburg . Due to a facial injury to Pavel Richter, they could only occupy a place in midfield in the subsequent championship round.

1st League South / Hacker-Pschorr League

Between 1994 and 1998 the Weidener played in the 1st League South , which was renamed from 1996/97 to the Hacker-Pschorr League . At the time, this was located directly under the DEL .

In 1994/95 they reached seventh place in the table in the main round and were thus directly qualified for the championship round. Since they finally finished fourth there, they had home rights in the next round of 16 in the subsequent playoffs. However, they were defeated there against EC Wolfsburg in the first two games of the best-of-three series and were thus eliminated prematurely.

In the following season, they finished only tenth after the main round. So you still had to qualify for the championship round, which shouldn't be a problem. In this one came sixth and was assigned to EC Bad Nauheim as an opponent in the playoff round of 16 . Here, too, the season for the Blue Devils should come to an end, after a 5-1 defeat in the first and a 5-2 win in the second game, they lost 5: 3 in the decisive third game.

For the 1996/97 season, the first division changed not only the name of the southern season - the season was sponsored by the Hacker-Pschorr brewery - but also the mode; After the main round, consisting of a joint single round and a group phase, EV Weiden only managed to place 11th, which was already considered a "relegation place". However, they won the series against EC Ulm / Neu-Ulm and EC Peiting in the first and second round and thus secured a starting place for the 1997/98 season.

Due to the planned introduction of a single-track amateur league below the DEL for the 1998/99 season, the relegation places in the first division fell away this season, the top 12 teams should go directly to the Bundesligaare allowed to rise. However, EV Weiden only reached 12th place in the main round - a promotion seemed a long way off, as they had to assert themselves against 15 other clubs, some of them from the 2nd division at the time, in the qualifying round. Again, they met EV Regensburg in Group A, which, after having gone bankrupt in the meantime, had found their way back to EVW. In the final table of Group A, EV Weiden had the upper hand and was second in the group with 29 points, ahead of EVR (4th place, 24 points). Thus, in the first playoff round, they met ESV Bayreuth, against whom they could win 4-1 in the third game and thus just made it through to the second round. There you could, also only in the decisive game, 6: 3 against theETC Crimmitschau enforce. In the third round, however, they failed at the Deggendorf EC , so you had to win the outstanding duel against SC Bietigheim-Bissingen to get a place in the Bundesliga. In the first game they lost 3-2 in Bietigheim, but were able to keep the decision open with a 4-3 win at home. However, the decision was made in favor of the Swabians, who were able to win the third game with a clear 5-2 and were promoted to the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, the season in Weiden was very successful.

So in 1998/99 they started again in the - now third-class - 1st League South. There it came again in the regular season to the "Upper Palatinate Derby" against EV Regensburg. Here, however, the Donaustadters should have the upper hand, so the Regensburg team took fourth place after the main round and took part in the playoffs for the Bundesliga. This could not be achieved in Weiden, so that, in 8th place, you had to face the qualifying round. In this, however, you were knocked off last and are therefore relegated to the regional league.

Season balances 1987 to 1999
Season League great group placement PO PD Final placement Audience Ø
1987/88 National league VI North Runner-up [3] 1.633
1988/89 National league VI North Meister Meister 2.078
1989/90 Bayern League V Group A Meister WAS Bayr. Meister 2.330
1990/91 Regionalliga IV south Meister RL Meister 2.375
1991/92 Oberliga I I I south Meister OL 6th place 2.183
1992/93 Oberliga I I I south 10th place X 1. Group B 2.018
1993/94 Oberliga I I I south 5th place OL 4th place 2.031
1994/95 1. League I I south 7th place 1. League Round of 16 1.900
1995/96 1. League I I south 10th place 1. League Round of 16 1.989
1996/97 1. League I I South / HPL 11th place X 1st place 1.774
1997/98 1. League I I South / HPL 12th place X 2. Group A 1.799
1998/99 1. League I I I south 8th place X 7. Group 1 1.556

Source: passionhockey.com [4] , source: eishockey-online.com [5] , promotion / relegation ↑ ↓

From the Oberliga through the Regional League to the 2nd Bundesliga

Actually, the 1st EV Weiden would have been relegated from the league in the 1998/99 season. But since some clubs had to file for bankruptcy in the summer of 1999, they could also play in the Oberliga Süd in the following season . However, you finished the qualifying round as the penultimate and thus rose to the regional league. For the 2000/01 season , the EV Weiden gained an epithet and was henceforth called Blue Devils . They were able to become champions in the Regionalliga Süd straight away, but the decisive 5th playoff game in Füssen was lost 5-2.

Even a year later they did not make promotion, but the Regionalliga Süd was merged with the Oberliga after the 2001/02 season . Thus the Blue Devils could play in 2002/03 in the Oberliga Süd-Ost. The squad was strengthened selectively and reached third place in the preliminary round. In the playoffs you could successively win the series against the EHC Klostersee (quarter finals) and the EC Peiting (semifinals). In the final, after two victories against the Dresdner Eislöwen , they were promoted to the 2nd Bundesligato celebrate. After the league could be managed surprisingly in the 2003/04 season, the Blue Devils had to start the bitter course back to the league at the end of the 2004/05 season. Due to the poor economic situation in the region and the few sponsors, the financial means were lacking to send a competitive team into the race that could keep up with the financially stronger competition.

Back in the big leagues

In the following league season, the Blue Devils reached the playoffs over the championship round, in which they were subject to the later runner-up ETC Crimmitschau in the quarter-finals . In view of the very poor economic situation in the North Upper Palatinate, especially in Weiden, it is a great achievement that EV Weiden has been able to play confidently in the top league for years without major sponsors. After the 2007/2008 season, financial difficulties became known, which eventually led to the club withdrawing from the league.

New start in the regional league and promotion to the upper league

For the 2008/09 season, the first team took the place of the second team in the Bavarian State League , Group North. [6]After the team was placed in the group stage among the first four teams, you could compete in the promotion round. There you had to take first place in the promotion round to be promoted. Again there was a duel against the "neighbors" from Regensburg, because EV Regensburg had also started in the state league after bankruptcy. After the two duels were lost 5: 3 and 5: 4 in the main round, a 4: 4 draw was made at home on February 6, 2009 - the decision was to be made two weeks later in Regensburg. Due to some injuries and illnesses, the team could not compete in full squad and experienced a 10-0 defeat, which led to promotion to the Bavarian Ice Hockey Leaguehad become impossible. For the 2009/10 season the team was again divided into the Landesliga Gruppe Nord, became "Bavarian State League Champion" and was promoted to the Bayernliga . At the same time, the team won the Bayernkrug , the Bavarian ice hockey cup . On Friday, September 16, 2011, the 1st EV Weiden announced the successful, out-of-court settlement [7] at a press conference in the Hotel Admira . In the 2011/12 season, promotion to the Oberliga Süd was achieved.

Seasonal balances from 1999/2000
Season League great group placement PO PD Final placement Audience Ø
2020/21 Oberliga I I I south
2019/20 Oberliga I I I south 9th place 1.202
2018/19 Oberliga I I I south 7th place OL Round of 16 1.380
2017/18 Oberliga I I I south 8th place OL Round of 16 1.266
2016/17 Oberliga I I I south 7th place OL Round of 16 1.416
2015/16 Oberliga I I I south 8th place OL Round of 16 1.537
2014/15 Oberliga I I I south 12th place X 2nd round 1.284
2013/14 Oberliga I I I south 11th place X 2nd round 1.448
2012/13 Oberliga I I I south 8th place OL Quarter finals 1.629
2011/12 Regionalliga IV (WAS) 5th place X Vice champion 1.481
2010/11 Regionalliga IV WAS 7th place X 4th Place 1.435
2009/10 National league V North Meister BLL Meister 1.301
2008/09 National league V North 3rd place BLL 3rd place 1.287
2007/08 Oberliga I I I North 4th Place X VF (withdrawal) 1.259
2006/07 Oberliga I I I 6th place X Quarter finals 1.266
2005/06 Oberliga I I I 6th place X Semifinals 1.330
2004/05 2. Bundesliga I I 14th place X 6th place 1.568
2003/04 2. Bundesliga I I 13th place X 1st place 1.710
2002/03 Oberliga I I I 3rd place X Meister 1.580
2001/02 Regionalliga IV south 3rd place X Semifinals 1.122
2000/01 Regionalliga IV south Meister X Quarter finals 1.237
1999/00 Oberliga I I I south 14th place X 10th place 1.141

Source: passionhockey.com [8] , source: eishockey-online.com [9] , promotion / relegation ↑ ↓


  • Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 2003
  • German league champions 2003
  • Promotion to the league in 1991 , 2012
  • Champion Oberliga Süd 1992
  • German regional league champion 1991
  • Champion Regionalliga Süd 1991 , 2001
  • Promotion to the Regionalliga in 1990 , 2010
  • Bavarian runner-up / 4. League 2012
  • Bavarian champion 1990
  • Vice champion Bayernliga Gr. B 1990 [10]
  • Promotion to the Bayern League in 1989
  • Bayernkrug Cup winner 2010
  • Bavarian regional league champion 1989, 2010
  • Champion National League North 1989, 2010
  • Vice champion Landesliga Nord 1988 [11]
  • "EVW-1b" Champion National League North 1989
  • "EVW-1b" Champion District League North 1996


The Blue Devils pastures served many players as a stepping stone to higher leagues. Among others, the top players in the 2nd Bundesliga, Conny Strömberg, Dustin Whitecotton and Carl-Johan Johansson made their breakthrough in Weiden. The most important foundation of the club, however, is the exemplary work with young talent and the numerous home-grown children that all youth teams have gone through and form the framework of the first team.

Benedikt Schopper ( Straubing Tigers ) was the first "real" Weidener to make it into the DEL . He was followed by Michal Bartosch ( EHC Wolfsburg ) and Sandro Schönberger (Straubing Tigers) from Weiden . The most prominent player to date to have been on the ice for the Weidener offspring is national player Dominik Kahun , who is now under contract with the Buffalo Sabers in the NHL .

Local, ambitious players, paired with good, but mostly unknown and therefore affordable foreigners, result in a team that impresses with team spirit, morals and passion. With Tomáš Jelínek and Tomáš Divíšek , two former NHL players were already under contract with the Blue Devils Weiden. Jelínek played in the 1992/93 season for the Ottawa Senators , Divíšek from 2000 to 2002 for the Philadelphia Flyers .

Record player and audience favorite Marcel Waldowsky, who wore the colors of the Blue Devils for a total of 14 years, caused an international sensation with his legendary interview from 2018. [12]

The current squad includes Tomáš Rubeš, one of the top scorers in the league, who played his way into the hearts of Weiden fans from his first appearance in the Hans-Schröpf Arena. The longest-serving player in the current team is Michael Kirchberger from Weiden, who has been playing for the blue devils without interruption since 2009. Weiden's home grown Florian Zellner, who played a total of 734 games for his Blue Devils during his career as a player, is now successfully an assistant coach behind the gang.

Record player

Name Position Games Tore Assists Points Penalty minutes
Jan Penk defender 532 128 337 465 1071
Michal Piskor striker 294 157 247 404 344
Stefan Peschek striker 233 165 224 389 128
Milan Blaha striker 206 202 150 352 477
Marcel Waldowsky striker 512 228 402 630 838
Florian Zellner striker 734 166 192 358 697
Joe Hayse striker 105 142 141 283 196
Pavel Richter sen. striker 61 100 169 269 114
Jiri Hlinka striker 162 105 141 246 382
Mark Butler striker 67 146 121 267 66
Florian Bartels striker 426 81 177 258 213
Lubos Thür striker 236 106 137 243 216
Sergei Ageikin striker 111 133 106 239 123
Miikka Jäske striker 143 84 149 233 201



In the 2019/20 season, the following teams took part in the 1. EV Weiden under the name "Young Blue Devils Weiden":

  • the Juniors U20 in DNL Division III South (4th place in the table)
  • the youth U17 in the Bundesliga Division II South (4th place in the table)
  • the students U15 in the Bayernliga (5th place in the table)
  • the boys U13 in the Bavarian League (4th place in the table)
  • the junior students U11 in registration class A.
  • the youngest students U9 in registration class B.
  • the Bambini U7 in tournament play (no rating)

Individual evidence

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