1. FFC Fortuna Dresden - 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden

Fortuna Dresden
Name 1.
Fortuna Dresden women's football club
Seat Dresden , Saxony
founding 2002
Board Roland Hönisch
Website www.ffc-fortuna.de
First soccer team
Head coach Steve Maschik
Venue Heinz Steyer Stadium
Places 5000
League State League Saxony
2019/20 4th Place

The 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden e. V. is a women's football club from Dresden . The club was created in 2002 when the women's soccer teams split off from SV Fortuna Dresden-Rähnitz. The first team played in the third-class Regionalliga Nordost from 2009 to 2019 , after they won and rose to the Saxon state championship title in the previous season.


In 1978 the BSG LTA Dresden was founded as the first forerunner of the 1. FFC. Their home was on Ludwig-Kossuth-Straße in Dresden- Rähnitz , and this company sports association (BSG) got its name from its sponsoring company , VEB Lufttechnische Anlagen (LTA) Dresden, based in the neighboring district of Klotzsche . A women's soccer team established itself at an early stage, and in 1992 it was promoted to the amateur Oberliga Nordost, from which two years later the Regionalliga Nordost emerged .

Logo of the original club SV Fortuna Dresden-Rähnitz

After the first league season in which the team won SV Johannstadt 90when it replaced Dresden's highest-placed women's football team, it was re-established as a club in 1993 and renamed SV Fortuna Dresden-Rähnitz. From promotion in 1992 to the end of the 2001/02 season, the Rähnitzerinnen were always among the six best teams in the league. The top position was second in the final table of the 1995/96 season. In 2002 the soccer players were spun off and re-established as 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden-Rähnitz e. V. - the club kept this name until 2013. After the 2003/04 season, the first team had to relegate after twelve years of membership from the regional league as the bottom of the table without a win with only nine goals this season, the fewest of a team in the history of the league.

In the Landesliga Sachsen she played constantly in the top regions of the table for promotion to the regional league, but failed after the two state championship titles in the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons in the relegation games. With the start of the 2006/07 season, a systematic rebuilding of the teams began. Fortuna Rähnitz completed the 2008/09 season as national champion and prevailed against the Thuringian club SV Hermsdorf in the subsequent relegation. From the 2009/10 season Fortuna Dresden played in the third-class Regionalliga Nordost. In the first Regionalliga season, Fortuna finished ninth.

In summer 2009 the club entered into a cooperation with Dynamo Dresden . At the beginning of the 2009/10 season, the Fortuna teams took off their traditional blue clothing and have been wearing black and yellow Dynamo jerseys ever since. The 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden-Rähnitz wanted to become a member of the Dynamo Dresden club. [1] The members of Dynamo Dresden voted at a meeting in November 2011 against an extension of the cooperation between the two clubs, which expired on November 30, 2011. [2] The black-yellow play clothes in the Dresden city colors kept at Fortuna though.

The general meeting on November 28, 2012 decided to remove the Rähnitz suffix. On September 13, 2013, the new name was finally entered in the registry court of the Dresden District Court. The club name has been 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden e. V. With this name, the association for women's and girls' football wants to position itself in the state capital Dresden and now also show itself as a "club in the middle of Dresden".

In the 2012/2013, 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 seasons, the first team reached sixth place. In the 2015/2016 season, the team recorded seven new entries, but in the end could not benefit from them due to permanent failures of regular players. Fortuna only came eighth in the table and thus achieved the second worst result after promotion. But it was in the national cup 2015/2016 and in the national championship in futsalexcellent, both titles went to Fortuna Dresden. With the victory in the state cup, the Fortunes were qualified for the DFB Cup competition. They were the first Dresden women's soccer team to reach the second round. In front of 1,052 spectators, also unique to date in the history of Dresden women's football, 1. FFC Fortuna Dresden played on October 9, 2016 against the multiple German champions and Champions League winner VfL Wolfsburg. The game was lost 9-0, but it was an advertisement for women's football in the region and a high point in the club's history.

Seven players signed off in the summer of 2018. Steve Maschik has been the new trainer since October 7, 2018. Under the new head coach, the team managed only one win and one draw from 22 league games in the 2018/2019 season. This could not prevent relegation to the State League Saxony.

Personal details


  • Entry into the 2nd round of the DFB Cup 2016/17
  • Vice-champion Regionalliga Nordost: 1996 as SV Fortuna Rähnitz
  • State champion Saxony (4 ×): 1992 as LTA Dresden , 2005, 2006, 2009 as 1st FFC Fortuna Rähnitz
  • State Cup winner Saxony (9 ×): 1992, 1993 each as LTA Dresden , 1994, 1996, 1997 each as SV Fortuna Rähnitz , 2013 as 1st FFC Fortuna Rähnitz , 2016, 2017, 2018 as 1st FFC Fortuna Dresden
  • B-youth regional champion Saxony (4 ×): 2012, 2013 each as 1st FFC Fortuna Rähnitz , 2014, 2015 each as 1st FFC Fortuna Dresden
  • Award of the B-youth by the Sportjugend Dresden as youth team of the year 2015
  • Award “The Green Ribbon” 2016, important young talent sports award


  • Adults:
    • 1st team: Landesliga Sachsen
  • Young talent (club is represented in all age groups):
    • B-Juniors (from 14 years): Landesliga Sachsen
    • C-Juniors (from 12 years)
    • D-Juniors (from 10 years)
    • E / F juniors (from 7 years)


Individual evidence

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