1. FFC Forward 06 Vienna - 1. FFC Vorwärts 06 Wien

The 1. Favoritner FC Vorwärts 06 Vienna was a football club from the Favoriten district of the city of Vienna in Austria .

Founding history

The club was founded as the Favoritner Vorwärts sports club on December 4, 1906. The club colors were set with black and white . The decision to found the association was made after more and more young men were chasing after the "Fetzenlaberl" in the as yet undeveloped areas outside Inzersdorferstrasse. Role models were the then famous district neighbors ASV Hertha Wien and SpC Rudolfshügel . As early as 1907, the SK Favoritner Vorwärts took part in a tournament of the Floridsdorfer AC and at least achieved seventh place. For the championship, the club was placed in 2nd class. In the first official championship season 1911/12the SK Favoritner Vorwärts took a good fifth place. In the 1912/13 season the club was seventh and in 1913/14 tenth. When the war broke out in 1914, the game had to be stopped because most of the players were drafted into military service.


Immediately after the end of the First World War , former players and officials met in 1918 to reactivate the club. During this period, the club was renamed 1. Favoritner FC Vorwärts 06 Vienna . It is no longer possible to determine exactly when the name change took place, it is clear that the new name was already in use in 1922. In the meantime, the name Forward X was also used in old tables , but this designation was never official. The favorites rose in the 1919/20 game yearreturned to 2nd class A, but were only last and had to relegate to third class north. After relegation, the club was eighth in the first year of the third division, in the following year forward secured the championship title of the third class North with 34 points from 22 games and would have been second class again in the 1922/23 season . Due to the allegations that the club had used unauthorized players and witnesses close to it allegedly made false statements, the 1. FFC Forward 06 was excluded from the association. However, the allegations proved to be baseless, whereupon the favorites on March 22, 1923 were again eligible to play for the championship. After this matter was resolved, forward in the1923/24 season again in 2nd class south.

The missed climb

1. FFC 06 forward has been an integral part of the second class, reaching game years 1941-42 to second place behind the BSG Reichsbahn I . After the club had just failed to advance to the top division, only the championship title could be named as a goal for the following season. After a mixed season, the favorites at the end of the season were just ahead of SC Helfort Wien at the top of the table and, as champions of the 2nd class south, kept the opportunity for promotion to the first division. During the previous year's champions, however, directly in the Gauliga Donau-Alpenlandwas allowed to rise, this time the masters of the North and South squadrons had to contest an elimination with regard to participation in the promotion rounds to the Gauliga. The favorites met SC Austria Donauarbeiter , the forerunner of today's SR Donaufeld. The first duel took place on June 20, 1943 on Wacker-Platz in Meidling . In front of 3,000 spectators, Vorwärts prevailed clearly 4: 1 against the opponent from Transdanubia. The second leg took place a week later and was just lost 2-1. With a total score of 5: 2, the 1. FFC Vorwärts 06 qualified for the promotion round to the Gauliga. In the promotion round, however, two wins against the Salzburg football community and one draw against were enoughSK Amateure Steyr only finished second behind the Upper Austrians. After the ascent was narrowly missed for the second time, the club slowly went downhill.

The deep fall

In the 1945/46 season Vorwärts still managed to qualify for the single-track 1st class Vienna, from which the favorites also relegated in the following season. In the next decades the fall followed up to the lowest class in Vienna.

In 2009/10 the 1st Favoritner FC Vorwärts Wien played in 3rd class, the last division of the Vienna Football Association. In 2013/14 he played in 1st class B. After the 2013/14 season the game was stopped.


  • 1st class master of Vienna South: 1943
  • Master of the 3rd class north: 1922