1. May 87 - 1. Mai 87

1. May 87
General information
origin Erkelenz (Germany)
Genre(s) German punk
founding 1987
resolution 2000
Founding members
Stefan Pieck „Tiyah“
Rudi Müller "Rudi at a loss" (until 1991)
André Hoffmann „Andy“
Ralf Bossems (until 1991)
Last occupation
Vocals, guitar
Stefan Pieck „Tiyah“
Sven-Uwe Bange "Doc" (ab 1991)
André Hoffmann „Andy“
"Tuberkel Knuppertz" (from 1998)
former members
Markus Küpper (1990–1991)
Oli Cords (1991-1992)
Ralf (1987–1996)
Drums, vocals, trumpet, keyboard
Oliver "Bolle" Berger (1996–1998)

May 1st, 87 was a German punk band from Erkelenz . The idea of ​​starting a band came up as early as 1986, which was implemented in the spring of 1987. The band, which named itself after the riots on May 1st, 1987 in Kreuzberg , wanted to criticize and to stimulate thought. [1] Accordingly, political and socially critical songs occupy the largest part of May 1, 87.

Band history

In autumn 1987 Stefan Pieck, Rudi Müller, Ralf Bossems and André Hoffmann founded the band in Erkelenz. They were influenced by German punk bands like Slime and Razzia on the one hand, but also the early Toten Hosen and Doctors on the other.

The name originated from the experiences Stefan and André had on May 1st, 1987 in Kreuzberg. The first rehearsals took place in the Cusanus Gymnasium in Erkelenz, which all band members attended. However, as the noise pollution became too great for the school management, the band began a series of moves, first to a garage and later to a rehearsal room they dug under Stefan's parents' house. Further rooms were later moved into in Cologne , from 1995 home from May 1, 1987.

Wish is wish , naked by Jülich

When André went to the USA for a few months in 1990, Markus Küpper took his place. Rudi got out due to musical discrepancies and was replaced by Sven-Uwe Bange. In 1992, the first demo tape, Wunsch ist Wunsch , was created in their own rehearsal room. With its positive response, it opened up the possibility of playing outside of the Erkelenz region. The rapidly increasing number of concerts prompted Ralf to leave the band. With Oli Cords on drums, the second demo tape Nackt was recorded by Jülich in 1993 , of which two pieces ended up on the first CD sampler from Vitaminepillen Records.

Critters in the body

Despite the spatial distances between the members (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Erkelenz) the formation solidified and in 1994 recorded their first own longplayer, Viecher im Leib, on Vitaminepillen Records. In 1995 further contributions to the sampler were added and the good response to the critters in the body was used for a few short tours. On December 1st, 1995 the live LP (vinyl) Rastamannallematanzbeinschwingen was recorded at the Vitaminepillen label party in Neuss. In 1995/96, Oliver Berger joined them initially as a keyboardist. Oli Cords quit in 1996 due to the high time burden and Berger took over the drums.

Foal sausage in plumage

In the winter of 1996/97 a tour with a bone factory followed . In the same year, the CD Foalwurst in Feather Dress was recorded on its own and presented to almost 10,000 people at the rally on May 1st for the tenth anniversary on Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg . It also features the Rauchhaus song by Ton Steine ​​Scherben , which was previously heard as a sequencer version on the sampler Viva L'Anarchia (Tollshock Records) . The foal sausage was accompanied by a limited edition of self-made and stamped wooden slipcases .


Since the songs from 1987 to 1990 had not yet been released on CD, the band decided to record them in their own rehearsal room with " Bone-Claus' " ADAT and released Die Wurzel for the last time in 1998 on Vitaminepillen Records . [2] The vinyl album was mastered by Berger in the radio play studios of the radio Deutsche Welle .


Since Vitaminepillen Records did not want to release the ragga-punk-techno single BolleBummBasta before , the band used the contact to Tollshock Records in Berlin, which released this single on yellow vinyl. It was produced by Berger with the Rastas from the neighboring rehearsal room in Cologne-Südstadt, sequencer , echolette and trumpet . The techno side Akt Käfig , produced by Bange und Pieck, consisted of noisy samples , guitars and screaming. There were airplays and good feedback in Berlin and England. BolleBummBasta , as a reminder of the supermarket fire on Skalitzer / Wiener Str. In Berlin-Kreuzberg on May 1, 1987,[3] is one of the first German ragga / dub productions. In 1998 Berger left the band.

Rip Off

"Tuberkel Knuppertz" came on as a new drummer and in 1999 it was decided to release another farewell CD entitled Rip Off on Tollshock Records . The farewell tour to the CD began in March 2000 and ended first in Berlin on May 1, 2000 and finally with the dissolution concert on May 6 in Cologne.

Bange and Pieck are now playing at 2LHUD, among others . A reunion from May 1st, 87 is currently not planned.


  • 1994: Critters in the body (Vitaminepillen Records)
  • 1996: Rastamannallematanzbeinschwingen (Vitaminepillen Records)
  • 1997: Foal sausage in plumage (Vitaminepillen Records)
  • 1998: Root (Vitaminepillen Records)
  • 2000: Rip Off (TollShock)


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