1. Salzburg SK 1919 - 1. Salzburger SK 1919

1. SSK 1919
Name 1st Salzburg Sports Club 1919
Seat Salzburg
founding 1919
1948 Merger with the Gnigl ​​railway sports club.
2003 Syndicate with ASV Blau - Weiß Salzburg
Colours blue - black
president Richard Falkenstätter
Board Walter Young
First soccer team
Head coach Thomas Bernhard
Venue Gnigler Gruabn
Places Sports facility Panoramacenter Salzburg - Liefering, Askö sports facility Gnigl
League 2. Klasse Nord A SFV
2013/14 1.

The 1. Salzburger SK 1919 is a soccer club from the city of Salzburg and after the SAK 1914 the second oldest still existing soccer club in Salzburg.


Until 1945

The club was founded at the end of March 1919 by the former Viennese player Hans Dobesch. This makes the SSK one of two football clubs that existed before the Salzburg Football Association was founded. Dobesch was also the first chairman of the association. The first game took place on June 13, 1919 on the Hellbrunn sports field against a military team from Wels. The game was lost 3: 6. The club joined the Upper Austrian Association because there was no league in Salzburg. In 1921 the Salzburg Association decided its own league, in which the SSK also participated from now on. The heyday of the club ended in 1923 when many players left. It was not until 1932 that the Upper Austrian-Salzburg League could be played again. The association had to move within the city several times,[1] At the time of the German occupation of the club the Salzburger AK 1914 in April 1943 and lasted until the war ended in 1945. participated in the Salzach Chiemgau Championship as football community Salzburg, the club was created from the merger with Austria Salzburg and [2]

After 1945

Game operations were resumed immediately after the end of the war. They played their first football game after the war on August 1, 1945 against Austria Salzburg , and they won the game. In 1947, a new soccer field was built in Bayerhammerstrasse. The 1947/48 season also saw the club's greatest success, reaching the semi-finals in the Austrian Cup, where they failed 15-0 at FK Austria Wien on June 27, 1948 . [3] The club merged in 1948 with the Eisenbahner Sportclub in Gnigl , as the place in Bayerhammerstrasse had to be left this year. The new club name was ESV-1.SSK 1919 from now on.

Over time, the club was more or less successful. The highlight of the club's history was the participation in the Regionalliga from 1967 to 1969, which at that time was the second highest Austrian football league. In 1971 the promotion succeeded again, but the class could not be held. After relegation from the regional league, club activities were again characterized by constant ups and downs. At the beginning of the 1990s, the promotion to the 1st regional league could be achieved again, but then the sporting crash followed. Since the place in Gnigl ​​had to be vacated in 2003, a syndicate was formed with the amateur sports club Blau-Weiß Salzburg, since then the club has played under the name 1.SSK 1919 / Blau - Weiß Salzburg on the Blau - Weiß - Platz in the Salzburg district of Liefering. The club took over from the SSK in 1st class North, but was relegated in the same year and has since played in 2nd class North A, the penultimate class in Salzburg football. [1]

For the 95th anniversary of the 1st SSK, the SG SSK / BLAU-WEISS, under the sporting direction of section head Walter Junge and trainer Thomas Bernhard, managed to achieve the championship title of the 2nd class North A. Another success was achieved by the club management in cooperation with the Askö and the city of Salzburg; The first SSK 1919 will be able to use the Gnigler football field again from July 1, 2014, so that the return of the combat team to Gnigl ​​is "only" a general renovation of the football field in the way.


  • 3 × Salzburg national champions: 1921, 1922, 1923
  • 3 × Salzburg State Cup winners: 1926, 1928, 1947
  • Master 1st class north: 1966 (4th level)
  • 2 × National League Champion: 1967, 1971 (3rd level)
  • Master 1st class north: 1976 (6th level)
  • Champion 2. Landesliga Nord: 1992 (5th level)
  • Master 2nd class North A: 2014 (8th level)


  • 3rd place league Upper Austria-Salzburg: 1921
  • 9 × Salzburg vice national champions: 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1936, 1946
  • 3 × Salzburg regional cup finalists: 1927, 1929, 1936
  • 1 × Semifinals ÖFB - Cup 1948 [1] [4]

Individual evidence

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