20-20 (album by Molly Nilsson) - 20-20 (álbum de Molly Nilsson)

Studio album of Molly Nilsson
Publication 2018
Genders) Synth-pop
Format CD , LP, and cassette tape
Record label Dark Skies Association DSA032
Producer (s) Molly Nilsson
Professional qualifications
Timeline of Molly Nilsson

20-20 or Twenty-Twenty is the eighth studio album by the Swedish synth-pop artist Molly Nilsson , released in 2018.

Songs list

All songs written and composed by Molly Nilsson .

Side A
N.º Title Duration
1. «Every Night is New»
2. «A Slice of Lemon»
3. «Out of The Blue»
4. «Your Shyness»
5. «Intermezzo: My Mental Motorcycle»
B side
N.º Title Duration
6. «Serious Flowers»
7. «I'm Your Fan»
8. «Gun Control»
9. «Days Of Dust»
10. «Blinded By The Night»


The Allmusic website commented that " 2015's Zenith crystallized their sound into something close to perfection, but in 2018 they nearly surpassed it at 20-20 , their warmest and most accessible album yet.


  • Sean Nicholas Savage guitarra eléctrica en "Days Of Dust" y ""Blinded by the Night", y bajó eléctrico en "Your Shyness" y "I'm Your Fan".
  • Katja Navarra saxofón en "Blinded by the Night".

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