2000 years of Christianity - 2000 Jahre Christentum

2000 years of Christianity is the name of a bronze monumental column by the artist Jürgen Weber in Braunschweig , which was unveiled there on September 21, 2006 on the Ruhfäutchenplatz . The work of art was financed by the Richard Borek Foundation . It was Weber's last large-scale sculpture.


2000 years of Christianity

The artist thematizes the development of Christianity over the past 2000 years in several scenes on the 8.50 m high bronze column .

Some scenes in chronological order are:

In the stave head are the symbols of the three world religions Christianity , Islam and Judaism . These were set in rings that allegorically take up the ring parable from Lessing's drama Nathan the Wise . In the Enlightenment piece, the ring parable forms the key scene with regard to the demand for religious tolerance, in which the question as to which of the three religions is the true one gives the mediating answer, “Whoever succeeds in earning the love of his fellow men is the bearer of the true one Ringes "finds.

Litigation with the client

In a legal dispute before the Regional Court of Braunschweig , the Richard Borek Foundation refused to remove the column in the shape desired by the sculptor. In a contract between Weber and the foundation, it was stipulated that the pillar could only deviate from the contractual concept with the consent of the foundation. The representation of the attacks on the World Trade Center did not correspond to the wishes of the foundation and was adapted by Weber as part of a comparison made.


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