23 Murders - Ready For The Truth? - 23 Morde – Bereit für die Wahrheit?

Television series
Original title 23 Murders - Ready For The Truth?
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
year 2019
H & V Entertainment
Long 46 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season ( list )
Genre Crime , Drama
Director Felix Herzogenrath,
Edzard Onneken
Ideas Malte Can,
Alban Rehnitz,
Alex Eslam
production Alban Rehnitz
music Dirk Leupolz
Camera Matthias Neumann,
Lorenz Till Ackermann
cut Thomas Zachmeier,
Antonia Fenn
Initial release August 19, 2019 on Joyn
main actor
supporting cast

23 Murders - Ready For The Truth? is a German crime - television series , the August-September 2019 Joyn was published. [1]

It is about a convict who confesses to 23 murders in Berlin , and about a BKA investigator who has doubts about his guilt. The protagonists of the series are played by Franz Dinda and Shadi Hedayati .

The concept for the series comes from Alex Eslam based on an idea by Malte Can and Alban Rehnitz. [2]


The former scientific assistant in the evidence chamber at the BKA Berlin , Maximilian Rapp, confesses to 23 murders in Berlin . But the BKA investigator Tara Schöll has doubts about the guilt of the convict. In fact, there is evidence that Rapp cannot have committed all the murders. Schöll and her partner Henry Kloss continue to investigate in public secrecy in order to catch the real culprit. Rapp supports her in further investigations as a consultant, because he perceives the smallest nuances through his high sensitivity , and also challenges Schöll to look at the cases, murderers and motives from different perspectives.


Main cast

role actor consequences Remarks
Tara Schöll Shadi Hedayati 1–6 BKA investigator, head of the investigation team
Maximilian Rapp Franz Dinda 1–6 convicted serial killer, psychopath
Henry Kloss Bernhard Piesk 1–6 BKA investigator

Supporting cast

role actor consequences Remarks
Hans Gennan Wilfried Hochholdinger 1–6 Chief Public Prosecutor of Berlin
Karl Berndorff Tim Wilde 1–6 BKA investigator, former head of the investigation team
Lila Gromberg Sinha Melina Gierke 1–6 Forensic scientist
Yasmin Schöll Meral Perin 1–6 Mother of Tara Schöll
Jo Weiser Lutz Erik Aikele 1–4 Policeman, dies in episode 4
Mrs. Wagner Anna Böger 4–5 policewoman

Guest appearances

role actor episode Remarks
news reporter Heiko Paluschka 1–2 Episode 2 only voice
Pastor Schiller Peer hunter 1
Prison director Eckehard Hoffmann 1
Mrs. Birch Cristin King 1–2 Mother of a victim
Aaron Schlieper Victor Schefe 1–2 Airport security guards
Sumi Erler Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann 2 Sister of Juna
Juna Erler Kotti Yun 2 Kidnapped, sister of Sumi
Airport employee Nadine Wrietz 2
Mike Schächter Oliver Brocker 3 Brother of Steffen
Steffen Schächter Tim Forssman 3 Dead, brother of Mike
Halil El-Mor Samy Abdel Fattah 3 Syrian refugee
doctor Nina Machalz 3
Herr El-Mor Husam Chadat 3 Father of Halil
Anna Meininger Greta Galisch from Palma 3 Attorney for Halil
doctor Falk Rockstroh 3
Gregor Kreuzer Marko Dyrlich 4 Security guard
Hans-Joachim Wilke Thomas noffke 4 Fatalities
Anna Wittkowski Marget peoples 4 Security officer
Mrs. Duke Alexandra Bosshard 4 Undertaker
Franziska Weiser Anna Amalie Blomeyer 4 Wife of Jo Weiser
Tobi Weiser Leon Stappenbeck 4 Son of Jo Weiser
Mr. Sawetzki Leonardo Wagner 4 suspended BKA investigator
Christian Bohn Jan Sosniok 5 doctor
Bärbel Bohn Antje Schmidt 5 Wife of Christian Bohn
Miss Schneider Inez Bjørg David 5 Christian Bohn's lawyer
Helena Husek Ann-Kathrin Czymoch 5 Fatalities
Herr Menrad Ralf David 5 police officer
Dr. Rüther Jörg Witte 5–6 Coroner
Robert Schöll Oliver Stritzel 5–6 Father of Tara Schöll
Magdalena Becker Marisa Leonie Bach 6 Fatalities
Tombstone cutter Reiner-Max Conrad 6
police officer Thomas Querner 6

Production and publication

In the program presentation for the 2015/16 TV season on July 7, 2015, the TV broadcaster Sat.1 announced that a new series with the working title 23 Cases had been commissioned. [3] From August 18 to November 5, 2015, six episodes were filmed in Berlin under the direction of Felix Herzogenrath and Edzard Onneken, with the main actors Shadi Hedayati , Franz Dinda and Bernhard Piesk among others . [4]

A broadcast was announced for spring 2016, but this did not take place. Instead, during the program presentation for the 2016/17 TV season on July 13, 2016, a start date for spring 2017 was promised. [5] However, this broadcast date was also not kept. [6] The reason for this is that the station managers were no longer satisfied with the series produced. It is too dark, too pointed and too hard for the Sat.1 viewers. [6] Instead was by the manager of the production company H & V Entertainment mixing Hofmann announced was planned that the mini-series, under the title 23 as a two-piecebroadcast with 100 minutes each in autumn 2017 on Sat.1. [7]

After almost exactly four years since the series was announced, the new streaming platform Joyn announced on July 10, 2019 that it would publish the crime series under the title 23 Murders from August 19, 2019. [8] On August 19, the first two episodes were released. Another episode followed weekly until September 16, 2019. [9]

From August 23 to September 6, 2019, the Austrian television broadcaster ORF 1 showed the series weekly in the night from Thursday to Friday from midnight. [10] A broadcast on German television is not planned.

In September 2020, "23 Cases" was broadcast in the UK via Astra2 on More4 in German with English subtitles [11]


The first three episodes were first published on August 19 and 26, 2019 on Joyn . [1] The other episodes premiere showed the Austrian TV channel ORF 1 from August 30 to September 6, 2019. [1]

No. Original­titel Erst­veröffent­lichung (D/A) Director script
1 Hammer 19. Aug. 2019 Felix Herzogenrath Birgit Maiwald, Sven S. Poser , Alex Eslam
2 Tank 19. Aug. 2019 Felix Herzogenrath Birgit Maiwald, Sven S. Poser, Alex Eslam
3 Messer 26. Aug. 2019 Felix Herzogenrath Markus Hoffmann, Uwe Kossmann
4 Gift 30. Aug. 2019 Edzard Onneken John-Hendrik Karsten
5 mortar 6. Sep. 2019 Edzard Onneken Sven Böttcher, Annika Tepelmann
6 Fire 6. Sep. 2019 Edzard Onneken Johannes Lackner


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