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24 Stops , also known as Rehberger-Weg, is an art trail between the Vitra Design Museum ( Lage ) on the premises of the furniture manufacturer Vitra in Weil am Rhein in Germany and the Fondation Beyeler Art Museum ( Lage ) in Riehen, Switzerland . The path connecting the two countries was designed by the artist Tobias Rehberger and is five kilometers long. It was opened in September 2015 with twelve sculptures and installations and leads over the Tüllinger Berg . It was inaugurated on June 12, 2016 and completed with twelve more stops. This path is one of eight entries for the International Building Exhibition 2020 (IBA) in Basel. The clients of this project are the communities of Weil am Rhein and Riehen, Vitra, Swatch and the Beyeler Foundation. There are also artistic and art history tours on the way. [1]

The path is steep in some places, but it is also accessible with wheelchairs. In the direction from the Vitra Museum to the Fondation, there are shorter steep climbs and longer, slightly sloping stretches.

The twenty-four stations starting at the Fondation Beyeler are:

Art on Rehberger Weg
Object picture location description Lineup
1 24 stops 01 bell (Beyeler) jm03438.jpg location Bell, both bells (see also No. 24) at the beginning and end of the path are made by a bell caster and are fully functional. 2015
2 24 stops 02 bird cages jm03428.jpg location Bird cages 2015
3 24 stops 03 gargoyles jm03424.jpg location Gargoyles 2016
4 24 stops 04 Weather house jm03410.jpg location Weather house, depending on the weather, one of the two spheres is in front and the other in the back 2016
5 24 Stops 05 Wetterfahne jm03406.jpg location Weather vane, the weather vane points with two signs in two directions, but the wind turns them arbitrarily 2016
6 24 stops 06 bird house jm03396.jpg location Four apiaries with holes in the hardwood that serve as nesting aids for wild bees 2016
7 24 stops 07 apiaries jm24550.jpg location Beehives, wood is worked into them as nesting aids 2016
8 24 stops 08 cuckoo clock Bad Riehen jm24580.jpg location Cuckoo clock, this rotating clock shows the current time and every hour on the hour the hands turn into a cuckoo's beak 2016
9 24 Stops 09 Kuckucksuhr jm03342.jpg
24 Stops 09 Kuckucksuhr jm24506.jpg
location Cuckoo clock, at the top of the hour a tube appears and the number of cuckoo calls corresponding to the number of hours sounded 2015
10 24 stops 10 ground work 1 jm03336.jpg location Groundwork 2015
11 24 stops 11 ground work 2 jm03318.jpg location Groundwork 2015
12 24 stops 12 signposts jm03314.jpg location Signpost, a 16 m high mast that can be seen from afar, the two bay letters V and B on the signpost stand for Vitra and Beyeler 2016
13 24 stops 13 wall painting jm03308.jpg location Wall painting 2015
14 24 Stops 14 Billboard jm03304.jpg location Billboard roughly in the middle of the path. A large billboard with changing information on both sides 2015
15 24 stops 15 fountains jm03292.jpg location Fountain, it consists of a drinking fountain (blue) and a shower (yellow) 2016
16 24 Stops 16 Strassenlaterne 1 jm03286.jpg location Street lamp 2016
17 24 Stops 17 Strassenlaterne 2 jm03276.jpg location Street lamp 2016
18 24 stops 18 binoculars jm03224.jpg location Binoculars give you the opportunity to look at the far-reaching and varied panorama 2015
19 24 Stops 19 Baum jm03180.jpg location Baum 2016
20 24 stops 20 trash cans jm03182.jpg location Garbage can 2015
21 24 stops 21 shelter jm03140.jpg location Shelter 2016
22 24 stops 22 high seat jm03120.jpg location High seat 2015
23 24 Stops 23 Vogelhäuser jm03094.jpg location Bird houses 2015
24 24 stops 24 bell (Vitra) jm03022.jpg location Bell, both bells (see also No. 1) at the beginning and end of the path are made by a bell caster and are fully functional. 2015
Rehberger Cuckoo's Nest jm03362.jpg location Rehberger cuckoo nest at the border crossing between Germany and Switzerland [2] 2016
Homage to Verner Panton jm03108.jpg location “Hommage à Verner Panton ” by the Basel artist Dieter Thiel . This sculpture, consisting of twelve three meter high sticks in the well-known Panton colors, stands on Verner-Panton-Weg. [3]
Badenova Weil am Rhein jm03106.jpg location Graffito by Zoolo in collaboration with students from Weil am Rhein [4]
Wiesebrücke (Riehen) jm24586.jpg location Axel Bidault & Louis Fouilleux, station "3. Des water speech" 6 such installations are attached to 6 bridges in the meadow. The sounds of the river are continuously translated into the letters "AMSN". The installation runs continuously and is powered by solar cells.


Commons : 24 Stops (Tobias Rehberger) - Collection of images, videos and audio files

Individual evidence

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