28 meter class of the DGzRS - 28-Meter-Klasse der DGzRS

28 m class
The lead ship of the class, the Ernst Meier-Hedde
The lead ship of the class, the Ernst Meier-Hedde
Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
Ship type Rescue cruiser
home port Bremen
Owner German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People
Shipyard Fassmer, Berne
Ship dimensions and crew
27,9 m (Lüa)
width 6,2 m
Draft max. 1,95 m
displacement 120 t
crew 4
Machine system
machine 2 × MTU-Dieselmotoren (Typ: 16V 2000 M72)
performanceTemplate: Infobox ship / maintenance / service format
2,880 kW (3.916 PS)
24 kn (44 km/h)
Propeller 2 × Propeller
Daughter boat
SK Ernst Meier-Hedde 05 daughter ship Lotte.jpg
Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
Shipyard Fassmer, Berne
Ship dimensions and crew
8,20 m (Lüa)
width 2,90 m
Draft max. 0,80 m
displacement 4,3
Machine system
machine 1 × Steyr diesel engine (Type: SE 236 E40)
performanceTemplate: Infobox ship / maintenance / service format
170 kW (231 PS)
19 kn (35 km/h)
Propeller 1 × Propeller

The 28-meter class is the latest class of rescue cruisers (SK) of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS). These are gradually replacing the cruisers of the 27.5 m class , the 23.3 m class and the 23.1 m class . So far, four ships are in service, two more cruisers are currently under construction. These are expected to be put into service in 2020 and 2021.


The cruisers are similar in design to the 46 m and 36.5 m class of the DGzRS, but have a fixed daughter boat . The cruiser and daughter boat were designed to be self- erecting and made of seawater-resistant aluminum . Unlike the 27.5 m class, the cruisers are powered by just two diesel engines and propellers and have a closed control platform . They are also equipped with a bow thruster (75 kW at 1800 rpm), a fire pump with an output of 220 m³ / h, a remote-controlled monitor with a throw range of 80 m, a tow hook,LED - searchlights , mobile bilge pumps , various rescue funds, modernster radio and navigation technology , a board Hospital, a galley and living quarters for the crew equipped. The range is up to 800 nautical miles .


The contract to build the first three units of the 28 m class was awarded to the Fassmer shipyard in Berne in October 2013 . [1] In August 2018, the second order for two more cruisers (SK 40/41) was made to the same shipyard and at the beginning of 2019 another ship (SK 42) was ordered.

The ships

Ernst Meier-Hedde

SK 35: Ernst Meier-Hedde

The lead ship of this class was born on 26 May 2014, the DGzRS internal designation SK 35 (yard number 13.01.1865) in Bardenfleth to put Kiel . The shell construction was completed in October 2014. He was then left briefly to water to him on the Weser after moaning about Verholen . On January 21, 2015, the two main machines were installed, which were financed by donations from the Bremer Eiswette 2014 and 2015. On April 14, 2015, the cruiser was launched for the first time after the interior was completed. The first test drive on the Outer Wesertook place on May 7, 2015. [2]

For the 150th anniversary of the DGzRS on May 30, 2015, the cruiser in Bremerhaven was baptized and put into service in the name of the former DGzRS chairman [3] Ernst Meier-Hedde . Godparents were Karin Fahrenschon, wife of Georg Fahrenschon , President of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association , and Nicole Keller, a granddaughter of Meier-Hedde. [4] The daughter boat was baptized together with the cruiser and was named Lotte after the first name of Meier-Heddes wife. It has the internal designation TB 39.

Since June 20, 2015, the Ernst Meier-Hedde has been stationed at the Amrum station in Wittdün's sea ​​sign port , replacing the rescue cruiser Vormann Leiss .


SK 36: Berlin

The keel laying of the Berlin took place on October 21, 2015 in Bardenfleth (shipyard number 13/1/1875). [5] In March 2016, the shell was completed and moved to Motzen on the Weser for completion. The two engines were installed at the end of July 2016. [6] On October 24, 2016, the cruiser was launched. The test drives on the Weser and Outer Weser began on November 22, 2016. [7]

The Berlin was christened on December 17th, 2016 by the actress Meret Becker in Bremen. Contrary to their usual approach, the DGzRS had already announced the name of the cruiser before construction began. Various ships and boats of the DGzRS already bore the name Berlin . This is to honor the ties between the German capital and the DGzRS. [8] The daughter boat was named Steppke , just like the 1985 daughter boat of the Berlin . The DGzRS internal designation of the cruiser is SK 36, the daughter boat has the internal designation TB 40.

On January 15, 2017, the Berlin was enthusiastically received at the Laboe station . On February 4, 2017, she was officially put into service there and replaced the cruiser of the same name in the 27.5-meter class . [9]

Anneliese Kramer

SK 37: Anneliese Kramer

On April 28, 2016, the third ship of the class was laid down under the construction name SK 37 (shipyard number 13/1/1885). [10] [11] In February 2017, the two main engines were installed, [12] in April 2017 it was launched for the first time. [13] On May 18, 2017, the test drives began on the Lower and Outer Weser.

The cruiser was stationed in Cuxhaven on June 9, 2017 , where it replaced the Hermann Helms . He was baptized on June 10, 2017 in the name of a deceased sponsor who had given the sea rescuers in her estate. This is the first time that a DGzRS rescue cruiser bears the name of a woman. The actress Birge Schade was godmother . The daughter boat, which was named TB 41 , was christened Mathias , the first name of the patron's father. The godmother was the twelve-year-old Amelie Schleevoigt from Göttingen. [14]


The DGzRS announced the name of the cruiser Hamburg (SK 40, shipyard number 18/1/7080) even before the construction, in order to get as many donors as possible excited about the financing. [15] The keel was therefore laid on March 30, 2019 on Hamburg's Jungfernstieg . In August 2019 the building shell was completed and on the Weser from Bardenfleth to Motzen hauled . The cruiser was launched on February 19, 2020. In March 2020 the tests took place on the Weser and in the North Sea. With the flag change on April 22, 2020, the ship was handed over to the Fassmer shipyard. On the same day, the cruiser ran its deployment station in Borkumand replaced Alfried Krupp there. [16] The first use already took place one day later, on April 23, 2020. [17]

The christening was originally supposed to take place on April 19, 2020 at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie , but was moved to the DGzRS headquarters in Bremen on July 28, 2020 due to the corona crisis. [18] The daughter boat, which was built under the internal name TB 44 , got the name of the Hamburg district of St. Pauli , which was chosen in an Internet vote. [19] Godparents were the boat crew and presenter Anke Harnack and Charlotte Haack, the daughter of a sea rescuer. In memory of the Hamburg actor and former boatman Jan Fedder, who died in December 2019 his portrait was placed on the cruiser's control station.

SK 41

The fifth cruiser was laid down in September 2019 (hull number 18/1/7090). [20] [21] In February 2020, the shell was moved on the Weser from Bardenfleth to Motzen. The christening is planned for the turn of the year 2020/2021, after which the cruiser will be stationed in Grömitz and will replace the rescue cruiser Hans Hackmack there . The name has not yet been determined. The daughter boat has the internal designation TB 45 .

Nis Randers

The sixth cruiser was laid down as SK 42 on March 12, 2020 at the Fassmer shipyard (hull number 19/1/7100). It is to go into service in 2021 and replace the rescue cruiser Theo Fischer at the Darßer Ort station . [22] The daughter boat is under the internal designation TB 46 built. In October 2020 the DGzRS announced that the cruiser will be named after the hero from Otto Ernst's ballad - just like the earlier 23.3 meter class cruiser . [23]



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