29th Division (People's Army of the Republic) - 29.ª División (Ejército Popular de la República)

29th Division
Active 1937/1938-1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 29th Division was a military formation belonging to the People's Army of the Republic that fought during the Spanish Civil War . Originally created in 1937 from the militarization of the POUM column , it would be dissolved and recreated again at the beginning of 1938, operating on the Extremadura front.


The division was created in April 1937, on the Aragon front, after the militarization of the former militia of the Marxist Unification Workers Party (POUM) - the so-called "Lenin" division . [ 1 ] [ 2 ] The unit, which was under the command of Major José Rovira , was composed of the mixed brigades 128th and 129th , from ancient columns. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] In mid-June, in the context of government repression against the POUM, Rovira was arrested by the republican authorities.[ 4 ] The command of the unit would be assumed by the militia majorMiguel García Vivancos. [ 5 ] [ n. 1 ] The 29th Division came to participate in theHuesca offensive, [ 7 ] although it had a mediocre performance. In August the division would end up being dissolved and reorganized, [ 8 ] distributing its former members among other units.

In February 1938 the 29th Division was recreated, under the command of the infantry commander Antonio Rúbert de la Iglesia . [ 9 ] The division was integrated into the VII Army Corps , on the Extremadura front. [ 10 ] During the month of July it intervened in the fighting in the Merida Stock Exchange , from which it would emerge bankrupt. As a consequence, it had to be subjected to a profound reorganization. As of August, it was incorporated into the VI Army Corps . [ 11 ]


Chiefs of Staff

Order of battle

Date Attached Army Corps Integrated Mixed Brigades Battle front
May 1937 X Army [ 16 ] 128.ª y 129.ª Aragon
February 1938 VII Army Corps 62.ª , 109.ª y 46.ª Estremadura
March 1938 VII Army Corps 46.ª , 109.ª y 104.ª Estremadura
April 30, 1938 VII Army Corps 46.ª , 109.ª y 210.ª Estremadura
July 1938 VII Army Corps 25.ª , 46.ª y 109.ª Estremadura
July 18, 1938 VII Army Corps 25.ª y 109.ª Estremadura
August 1938 VI Army Corps 46.ª , 109.ª y 44.ª Estremadura
October 23, 1938 VI Army Corps 46.ª , 148.ª y 192.ª Estremadura
November 1938 VI Army Corps 46.ª , 109.ª y 194.ª Estremadura

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  1. Other sources also point to Commander Sebastián Zamora Medina as head of the unit, based in Lleida. [ 6 ]
  2. assumed command with accidental character, between 30 March and 10 in April 1938. [ 12 ]



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