2nd indoor hockey Bundesliga (men) - 2. Hallenhockey-Bundesliga (Herren)

The men's 2nd indoor hockey league is the second highest national league in German indoor hockey . The game is organized by the German Hockey Association .

Since the division of the 1st Bundesliga into four groups of six teams each for the 2000/2001 season, the 2nd Bundesliga has also played in four groups (north, west, east, south) of six teams each. This is followed by the four regional leagues (south, west , east, north). The group winners of the 2nd Bundesliga are promoted to the 1st Bundesliga. The last placed team in each group is relegated to the regional league.


From 1996 to 2000: two groups

The 2nd indoor Bundesliga was introduced for the 1996/97 season , initially with two groups, North and South , with eight teams each.

Since 2000: four groups

Due to the new division into leagues for the 2000/01 indoor season , in which the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga were divided into four groups each with six clubs, there were no relegations in the 2nd Bundesliga in the 1999/2000 season . Eight clubs were promoted to the 1st Bundesliga due to the regional differences. Even the champions of the Regionalliga Ost SC Charlottenburg and the champions of the Regionalliga Nord Braunschweiger THC qualified for the highest league. The 2nd league in these groups was filled with the best placed from the respective regional league.

Group winners

Since the first season, the group winners of the 2nd Bundesliga have been promoted to the corresponding group in the 1st Bundesliga . So until 2000 there were two, from 2001 four newcomers.

Two groups

Season North south
1996/97 Uhlenhorster HC TG Frankenthal
1997/98 Bonner THV Mannheimer HC
1998/99 Düsseldorf HC Berlin HC
1999/00 Black and white Cologne HC Heidelberg

Four groups

Season North Ost south West
2000/01 Klipper THC Berliner SV 92 TG Frankenthal Black and white Neuss
2001/02 Hannover 78 TuS Lichterfelde HTC Stuttgarter Kickers Black and white Cologne
2002/03 Großflottbeker THGC TSV Zehlendorf 88 Limburger HC RTHC Bayer Leverkusen
2003/04 Marienthaler THC Mariendorfer HC HC Heidelberg Düsseldorf HC
2004/05 Braunschweiger THC TC Blau-Weiss Berlin HTC Stuttgarter Kickers Rot-Weiss Cologne
2005/06 Hannover 78 Mariendorfer HC Red-White Munich Cologne HTC Blue-White
2006/07 Klipper THC TC Blau-Weiss Berlin HG Nuremberg Düsseldorfer SC
2007/08 DTV Hanover TSV Leuna Nuremberg HTC Rot-Weiss Cologne
2008/09 THK cracks SC Charlottenburg Mannheimer HC Rheydter Spielverein
2009/10 Großflottbeker THGC TSV Leuna HTC Stuttgarter Kickers DSD Düsseldorf
2010/11 DHC Hannover Mariendorfer HC SC Frankfurt 1880 Kahlenberger HTC
2011/12 Hannover 78 Cöthener HC 02 TSV Mannheim Gladbacher HTC
2012/13 THK cracks TC Blau-Weiss Berlin TG Frankenthal Kahlenberger HTC
2013/14 Klipper THC SC Charlottenburg HC Ludwigsburg Black and white Neuss
2014/15 Hannover 78 Mariendorfer HC Nuremberg HTC Black and white Cologne
2015/16 TG Heimfeld SC Charlottenburg HC Ludwigsburg Kahlenberger HTC
2016/17 Hamburger Polo Club Easter Burger HC SC Frankfurt 1880 Black and white Neuss
2017/18 DTV Hanover Berliner SC HTC Stuttgarter Kickers Cologne HTC Blue-White
2018/19 Großflottbeker THGC Mariendorfer HC HC Ludwigsburg Gladbacher HTC
2019/2020 DHC Hannover Cöthener HC 02 TG Frankenthal Black and white Neuss

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