Joy - 1 1/2 hours of wild pleasure - Joy – 1 1/2 Stunden wilder Lust

German title Joy - 1 1/2 hours of wild pleasure
Original title Joy
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 1983
Long 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Sergio Bergonzelli
script Sergio Bergonzelli
(as Serge Bergon )
Christian Charrière
Robert Geoffrion
Joy Laurey
production Benjamin Simon
music François Valéry
Alain Wisniak
Camera René Verzier
Richard Ciupka
cut Michel Lewin

Joy is a French erotic film of Italian director Sergio Bergonzelli with the actress Claudia Udy from 1983. The history of the complex in Paris , Mexico and New York shot movie is based on a French series of erotic novels under the pseudonym of Joy Laurey had appeared . The film is shot in the style and in the typical French look of the erotic Emmanuelle films created by Just Jaeckin from 1974 . It is one of the few films of this time and genrewith a simple but at least compelling story without any logical breaks. Joy also contains a number of surreal scenes in which the main character acts out her fantasies.


The focus of the film is the Parisian model Joy. In a 1980s vibe, she drifted in and out of relationships and through the occasional sexual adventure. She believes the cause of this wandering is the early loss of her father. In an art gallery, she is seduced by Marc, an older man, with whom she begins a relationship. The relationship is interrupted when Joy is booked for a photoshoot in Mexico. These erotic images are used for an ad campaign that sparked heated and controversial debate in America. This debate makes the model known and leads to an invitation to New York and an offer to an American television series. After Joy's return to Paris, her relationship with Marc is tense,

Sex and eroticism, representation

The film contains short sex scenes of the main actress with a partner and equally long, lavish scenes, the maximum of which is achieved by depicting an orgy in a discotheque with dozens of participants. According to the critics, the main actress (the American actress Claudia Udy) delivered a surprisingly good performance and was convincing in both the dialogue scenes and the sex scenes. [1]

Overall, the main character is portrayed as strong and independent, who has her life under control and largely exercises erotic control over her sex partners. This representation is in clear contradiction to the sequel Joy et Joan from 1985. Here the figure is not only used for quickie and “passed on” to other men, but also drugged, kidnapped and raped. [2]


Since Joy was very successful, producer Benjamin Simon soon had a sequel Joy et Joan with Brigitte Lahaie as Joy follow, but this only loosely followed Joy and instead of the stringent story of the predecessor in the episode style of Joe D'Amatos Black Emanuelle- Series tells more about the focus on lesbian sex. [2]


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