2gether (Film) - 2gether (Film)

Original title 2gether
Country of production Canada , United States
original language English
Publishing year 2000
Long 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Nigel Dick
script Brian Gunn
Mark Gunn
production Bill Bannerman
music Camara Kambon
Camera Marc Laliberte Else
cut Jonathan P. Shaw

2gether is a Canadian - American television movie made in 2000 .

This is the first film that was produced exclusively for MTV . It was first shown in the United States on February 21, 2000 without commercial breaks.

Due to its success, the film culminated in the television series 2gether ( 2gether: The Series ).


After the manager Bob Buss from the hottest boy band Whoa! After being fired, he decides to start over by simply forming a new, better band. Buss discovered his first singing talent Jerry O'Keefe on the street and from now on built up his group around the natural talent O'Keefe. Together with O'Keefe he starts looking for more members. Buss builds his new band, which after some thought he prefers to call 2gether instead of Matchbox 30, according to the standard music industry cliché. So in the end the band consists of:

  • the "heartbreaker" Jerry O'Keefe, who quits his job in a hotel and leaves his longtime girlfriend alone just to realize his dream of singing.
  • "Shy" Chad Linus , who is a good singer but too shy to sing in front of people. He hopes to make a lot of money by singing so that he can buy a yellow jet ski .
  • "The older brother" who is Chad's older brother, Doug Linus . Bob Buss had to take him into the band with Chad ("If my brother goes somewhere I'm going along with him, because he is like a lost puppy"), because only Doug can help him jump over his shadow. Doug is also good at singing and sewing.
  • "The bad" Mickey Parke , who would actually rather be a gangster rapper,
  • and "the sweet" QT McKnight , who is the youngest of the band and has a terminal illness. Before that, he sang in a local karaoke bar.

Buss gets the guys in shape within a few days and prepares them for their big debut in Jacksonville - as opening act for Whoa! in a mall - before. Buss tries to reassure the band members by revealing the truth about Whoa: They can't sing themselves and have used songs from another band for their performances the whole time. The guys get hope, especially when they find out that they are supposed to support Whoa. But it turns out that Buss invented the appearance. A technical error occurs while Whoa is performing at the mall and Whoa is standing idle on stage. But 2gether save the situation by storming the stage and starting to sing. In this way you will conquer hundreds of girls' hearts in no time.


  • Hal Erickson (All Movie Guide) beschrieb den Film als vergnüglich und manchmal bewegend („MTV's first made-for-TV movie, 2Gether: The Original Movie, is a hilarious and sometimes touching send-up of the ‚boy band‘ phenomenon of the '90s.“)[1]


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