2nd Skin - 2nd Skin

2nd Skin
Studio album by The Bates


5. June 2000


February-April 2000

Label(s) Virgin Records

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running time


  • Guitar: Michael "Reb" Rebbig
  • Drums: Frank “Klube” club decision
  • Rhythm guitar: Tilmann "Dully" Schüssler


The Bates & Martin Wagnitz

Studio (s)

Basement’s „Room No. 1“, Kassel

Right Here! Right Now!
2nd Skin A Tribute to Zimbl - Rocking on Heaven’s Door
Single release
2000 Japanese Girl

2nd Skin is the last studio album by the Hessian punk rock band The Bates . It was released in 2000 by Virgin Records and contains only cover versions .


The album was created as a satirical response to criticism allegations that the band would have success almost exclusively with cover songs, for example Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and Hello by Shakespears Sister . The appropriate title 2nd Skin was chosen for this. The selection of songs is limited to classics of rock and pop music . [1] Except for the songs by The Cure , Aneka and The Chameleons , all songs were written before the 1980s. The music that was current at the time was also Blue byEiffel 65 represented. According to the musicians, every song has a meaning for the band members. The idea behind the album was "to make one or the other (ancient) song interesting for a new audience". [2]

The album was released between February and April 2000 in Basement's "Room No. 1 “recorded in Kassel . The producer was Martin Wagnitz. The guitarist Tilmann "Dully" Schüssler, who joined in 1999, is involved in the recordings for the first time. The album was released as a limited digipak and as a normal CD version on June 5, 2000. [3] Japanes Girl was a single release scheduled, but was in 2000 printed in small numbers and then deleted. [4]

It was to be the band's last album. The first tour for the album ended on August 26th, 2000 with a canceled concert and the continuation of the tour in autumn had to be ended prematurely. [5] The background was probably personal differences, which were sparked primarily by Markus Zimmer's alcohol consumption. [6] A year after the album was released, the Bates announced their liquidation. [7]

Track list

# title Long original interpreter Text and composition Musikverlag
1 Up the Down Escalator 3:48 The Chameleons Burges/Lever/Fielding/Smithies EMI Virgin Music Publishing
2 Out of Time 2:24 The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger/Keith Richards Essex Musikvertriebs GmbH
3 Japanese Girl (Originaltitel: Japanese Boy) 3:11 Assorted Heatlie EMI Publishing
4 Ferry ’Cross the Mersey 2:01 Gerry & the Pacemakers Marsden Universal Music Publishing
5 Children of the Revolution 2:20 T. Rex Bolan WIzard Ltd.
6 Wailing Wall 2:39 The Cure Smith Music publisher Intersong GmbH
7 48 Crash 2:48 Suzi Four Chinn/Chapman Chinnichap / Cancer Publ. Ltd.
8 Sorry Suzanne 3:00 The Hollies Stephens/Macauley Music-Edition Discoton
9 Blue 1:22 Eiffel 65 Randone / Gabutti GZ2538Publishing
10 To Know Her Is to Love Her (Originaltitel: To Know Him Is to Love Him) 2:26 The Teddy Bears Spector Abkco Music Publishing
11 A Glass of Champagne 2:27 Sailor Kajanus Warner/Chappell
12 Nights in White Satin 3:30 The Moody Blues Hayward Tyler Music Ltd.
13 Big Spender 1:55 Shirley Bassey Coleman/Fields Connelly Music Publishing Sikorski Kg
14 Up Around the Bend 2:27 CCR Fogerty Jondira-BMI
15 Heroes Skelter 3:24 The Beatles Lennon/McCartney Sony/ATV Music Publ./EMI Songs

Music genre

Musically, the songs were implemented in the typical Bates style, i.e. mainly recorded faster, louder and more directly. [1] The song Blue , originally assigned to Eurodance , sounds like Metal in the Bates version . [2] Aneka's Japanese Boy was renamed Japanese Girl and the cover of Teddy Bears was sexually changed to To Know Her Is to Love Her .


Bettina Doerr from Laut.de emphasized that this album “unfortunately does not reach the class of her version of 'Hello (Turn Your Radio On)' or the ingenious interpretation of the German canon 'Heo, Spann den Wagen an'”. [1] In the Visions the songs were panned as "egg-free schunkrockt [e] new editions of four moderately talented jokers". [8th]

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