3-A-Methode - 3-A-Methode

The 3-A method (also: 3-A-law [1] ) ( A lter - A ufmerksamkeit - A bsicht) is the recommended procedure for the assessment of partners in the road . These three points can be guessed at by closely observing a person in traffic and make correct and safe behavior towards this road user possible.


A distinction is made between children , adults and the elderly .


Children are one of the risk groups because they often act spontaneously, do not pay full attention to traffic and are not yet fully developed physically (limited peripheral vision , small body size ...). They are therefore to be given preferential treatment and excluded from the principle of trust .


This group can be expected to behave appropriately and appropriately due to their already existing familiarity with road traffic. The principle of trust generally applies to adults, but if a person becomes conspicuous (for example a drunk or a pedestrian crossing the street when the lights are red ), they are exempt from it.

Elderly people

For seniors , a risk may be increased. To blame is the frequent overstrain with modern intercourse and the more advanced intellectual decline. Therefore, older people are also excluded from the principle of trust.


A frequent cause of accidents is a lack of attention to other road users. For a road user who uses the 3-A method, after analyzing the age, the question arises whether the other is involved at all. Unfocused and inattentive road users are a particular danger. The causes are usually rush, driving errors and disregarding regulations. Such careless road users can be recognized by poor lane keeping, unmotivated changes in speed and distraction by others.


The clear intention of other road users is usually not known directly, so you should make your intention more recognizable for others through clean driving and clear behavior (e.g. blinking, classifying ...). People who are unclear should be treated with particular caution. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the area and looking for a parking space should not be trusted, as sudden braking maneuvers can be expected.


Individual proof

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