300 Carlos R - 300 Carlos R

300 Carlos R
Type clandestine detention and torture center and berretín
Coordinates 34°53′52″S 56°04′58″O / -34.897806, -56.082778Coordenadas: 34°53′52″S 56°04′58″O / -34.897806, -56.082778

The "300 Carlos R" , also known as "Infierno chico" or "Casa de Punta Gorda", was a clandestine detention and torture center (CCDT) that operated during the last civic-military dictatorship in Uruguay . [ 1 ]


It was a house located in Rambla República de México 5515. It was a house of the Tupamaros National Liberation Movement that was seized by the Military Force and turned into a clandestine detention center. Its main entrance is on the Rambla de Montevideo and it has an entrance on Calle Mar Ártico. [ 2 ]


The detainees and hostages passed through this center for interrogation and torture until they were transferred to other centers. Members of the Party for the Victory of the People who had been detained in Buenos Aires and were transferred to Montevideo were also held there . [ 3 ] Some of the people who are known to have been in this center are:


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