30 years of madness - 30 años de locura

30 years of madness
Live album of Virus
Publication December 4, 2015
Recording August 22, 2015, at the Opera Theater ( Buenos Aires , Argentina )
Genders) Rock
Synth Pop
Duration 72:52
Record label Sony Music Entertainment Argentina S.A.
Producer (s) Virus
Virus Chronology
Black Box
30 Years of Madness

30 años de Locura is the fourth and last live album by the Argentine rock band Virus , recorded at the show for the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the album "Locura" , at the Opera Theater , on August 22, 2015.


When celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fifth album " Locura " (work that established them in the 80s as one of the best Latin American rock bands), Virus decides to celebrate it with a show, at the mythical Opera Theater (where they presented the album for the first time).

With a full house, and tickets sold out weeks before the show, the band decides to record that moment live.

The result was an album with the songs of "Locura", and nine "Bonus Tracks" of the group's classics, performed live.

For this show, they invited a string quartet (made up of Federico Scholand, Olga Kneeteman, Belén Echeveste and Pablo Carreras), to revert, in a symphonic way, the classics "Transeúnte sin identity", "Danza narcótica" and "¿Qué hace in Manila? "

The work (which was published under the Sony Music Argentina label), was released on December 4, 2015 on digital platforms, and on December 11 of that same year, officially, in CD format.

Songs list

N.º Title Music Writer (s) Duration
1. «Intro» Fernando Montelenone 3:39
2. «Prompt delivery» Julio Moura Federico Moura 3:59
3. "Circular destination" Julio Moura Federico Moura, Roberto Jacoby 3:42
4. «Sins for dos» Enriquue Mugetti Roberto Jacoby, Enrique Mugetti 4:06
5. «I take what I find» Julio Moura Roberto Jacoby, Julio Moura 4:31
6. "Happy bliss (Voice: Daniel Sbarra)" Federico Moura Roberto Jacoby 3:42
7. "Common places" Julio Moura Federico Moura 3:03
8. "A honeymoon in hand" Federico Moura Eduardo Costa 5:37
9. "No disguise" Federico Moura Federico Moura, Roberto Jacoby 5:19
N.º Title Music Writer (s) Duration
10. "Passerby without identity" Roberto Jacoby Federico Moura, Roberto Jacoby 4:43
11. "Narcotic dance (Voice: Daniel Sbarra)" Daniel Sbarra Roberto Jacoby, Federico Moura 3:48
12. What am I doing in Manila? (Voice: Julio Moura) » Julio Moura Julio Moura and Federico Moura 4:18
13. «I can schedule myself» Julio Moura Federico Moura 2:46
14. "Pagan images" Daniel Sbarra, Enrique Mugetti, Federico Moura Roberto Jacoby, Federico Moura 4:41
15. «The tester» Julio Moura Federico Moura 3:45
16. "Disposable love" Julio Moura Federico Moura 3:08
17. «Wadu Wadu» Julio Moura Federico Moura 4:29
18. «Mirada Speed» Julio Moura Federico Moura, Roberto Jacoby 3:43


  • Marcelo Moura: Voice
  • Julio Moura: Guitars and Voice in "¿Qué Hago en Manila?"
  • Daniel Sbarra: Guitars, Lap Steel, Choirs, and Voice in "Dicha Feliz" and "Danza Narcótica"
  • Fernando Monteleone: Keyboards and Choirs
  • Nicolás Méndez: Drums and electronic effects
  • Ariel Naón: Bass, Choirs and Acoustic Guitar.

Guest musicians

  • Federico Scholand: Volín in " Passerby without identity" , "Narcotic dance" and "What am I doing in Manila?"
  • Olga Kneeteman: Viola in "Passerby without Identity" , "Narcotic Dance" and "What am I doing in Manila?"
  • Belén Echeveste: Vilonchelo in "Transient without identity" , "Narcotic dance" and "What am I doing in Manila?"
  • Pablo Carreras: Violin in "Transeúnte sin identity" , "Narcotic dance" and "What am I doing in Manila?"


  • Recording Engineer: Rolando Obregón (Romaphonic Mobile Studio)
  • Asistentes: Francisco Trillini, Pablo Belza
  • Mixing Engineer: Adrián Bilbao at Estudio AB Mix
  • Mastering: Andrés Mayo
  • Art Design: Leo Santos
  • Photographs: Guido Adler
  • A&R address: Pablo Durand / A&R: Nacho Soler


  • Production Manager: Sonia Rocca
  • Press: Marisa Arias
  • Social Media Manager: Carolina Lacobara
  • Administration and finance: Marisú Ferreres
  • Executive Production: Eduardo Rocca
  • Management Exclusivo: Produce Crack
  • Web: virusvivo.com


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