30 Days Until I’m Famous – In 30 Tagen berühmt - 30 Days Until I’m Famous – In 30 Tagen berühmt

German title 30 Days Until I’m Famous – In 30 Tagen berühmt
Original title 30 Days Until I’m Famous
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2004
Long 83 minutes
Age rating FSK without age restriction
Director Gabriela Tagliavini
script Laura Angelica Simon
production Kevin Bannerman
Melissa Cobb
music Douglas J. Cuomo
Camera Bernd Heinl
cut Larry Madaras

30 Days Until I'm Famous is an American - Argentinean romantic comedy film from 2004. The television film was directed by director Gabriela Tagliavini .


The Latina Maggie Moreno with Mexican-Argentine roots is a parcel carrier in Los Angeles and is currently delivering to a music production company. Agent Cole Thompson works there and is firmly convinced that he will be promoted. But his boss Barry Davis informs him that his colleague Austin, who has just discovered the upcoming pop star Daisy Fresh, is being promoted. Barry gives him the opportunity to get the promotion after all. To do this, he has to make a woman, whom Barry chooses at will, a star within four weeks, and Daisy Fresh has to overtake Daisy Fresh. If he doesn't do it, he'll lose his job. The choice falls on Maggie.

Cole runs after Maggie, tries to recruit her and offers her $ 40,000, but she refuses with thanks. He still slips her a business card. In the evening, the landlord gives her a final deadline until the next day to pay the outstanding rent. Desperate, she decides to accept the offer and goes to Cole's office. She signs the contract and has to live in Cole's house to prepare.

There she meets Lupe Horowitz, a Latino trainer to improve cultural identity. After extremely clumsy beginnings in high heels and Latin American dance, Maggie improves daily. Gradually, Cole realizes how beautiful Maggie really is. Meanwhile, Daisy Fresh is trimmed by Austin for sex appeal with extremely short skirts. Your bad voice is artificially enhanced. Maggie, on the other hand, has to train the typical Latino accent. She has to give up more and more of her own identity. In the recording studio, she shows a surprisingly good performance. She is now given the stage name Solita.

Visiting the VH1 party together with Cole, Maggie cuts a fine figure and her looks take everyone's breath away. After the party, they both get closer physically and sleep together. When after three weeks a rehearsal competition between Solita and Daisy with playback takes place, Maggie realizes that she is not herself and does not belong in this world. She also learns that Barry and not Cole selected her and that it is a bet. She wonders if Cole slept with Maggie or Solita. Deeply disappointed, she breaks off the adventure.

But Maggie has fallen in love with Cole and shows up for the final competition, but as Maggie Moreno, in her own clothes and with her own song. She sings live about what she has experienced in the last few weeks and that she is not a superhuman being, but herself. The beautiful ballad touches Cole very much. A few moments later he quits his job while talking to Barry. The next day he visits Maggie completely changed and she asks him for a kiss.


“Media satirical comedy that deals with the supposed realities of the pop business with a wink. The learning objectives of re-education are reminiscent of the "Pygmalion" material under the opposite sign. "

“The young Indiana Jones Sean Patrick Flanery superimposed on the most unrestrained (even Udo Kier must be amazed), but Camille Guaty, the junior answer to Salma Hayek, compensates for such casual flaws with a lot of talent and natural charm in this likeable pop star -Variant of the "My Fair Lady" / Pygmalion motif. No flat princess lard, but a tangible, patent, satirically undermined comedy about ethnic peculiarities, youthful self-discovery and the mechanisms of the music market. "

- Video.de [2]


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