30. Flak-Division - 30. Flak-Division

30. Flak-Division (E.Tr.)

active April 3, 1945 to May 1945
State German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire
Armed forces Luftwaffe
Branch of service Flak
Type Division
Butcher Defense of the empire

The 30th Flak Division , actually correctly called the 30th Flak Division (E.Tr.) , was a major combat unit of the German Air Force during World War II .


By renaming the former 5th Flak Brigade (E.Tr.) was on April 3, 1945 [1] under the command of Colonel Egon Baur, [2] who was the former commander of the 5th Flak Brigade, the command staff of 30th Flak Division (E.Tr.) set up in Berlin-Lankwitz .

The E.Tr. (for railway transport protection) was retained due to the history of this newly established division. The division was responsible for all railway flak units as transport protection. [2]

It was placed under the Reich Air Fleet until the end of the war .

On May 8, 1945, the staff and parts of the unit in Upper Bavaria went into American captivity. [2]


  • Flak-Regiment 50 (E)
  • Flak-Regiment 71 (E)
  • Flak-Regiment 97 (E)
  • Flak-Regiment 112 (E)
  • Flak-Regiment 122 (E)
  • Flak-Regiment 159 (E)

Well-known members of the division

  • Hans Bambey (1915–1997), in October / November 1945 Ib of the division. [3]

Individual evidence

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