339. Infantry-Division (Wehrmacht) - 339. Infanterie-Division (Wehrmacht)

339. Infantry-Division

339th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) .svg

Troop registration number
active December 15, 1940 to November 1943
State German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) German Empire
Armed forces Wehrmacht
Armed forces Lord
Type Infantry-Division
structure See outline
Installation room Thuringia
Second World War Battle of Rzhev
list of Commanders

The 339th Infantry Division (339th ID) was a major military unit of the Wehrmacht .


The 339th Infantry Division was set up in December 1940 as a grounded infantry division of the 14th wave of deployment in Defense District IX in Thuringia . In May 1941 it was moved to the demarcation line on the border with the Soviet Union . During Operation Barbarossa , the 339th Infantry Division was active in August 1941 in the rear area of Army Group Center near Vitebsk and Bobruisk in Belarus .

In January 1942, the IR 693 fought in the Battle of Rzhev , the rest of the division from January 1942 to January 1943 with the 2nd Panzer Army near Bryansk . For the German summer offensive in 1942 it was the XXXXVII. Army corps (motorized) subordinated to the 2nd Panzer Army. [1] On November 2, 1943, the 4th Panzer Army was reorganized, in which the 339th ID was merged with the remains of other divisions to form Corps Department "C" and Division Group 339.

War crimes

In the autumn of 1941, the 339th Infantry Division under the command of General Max von Schenckendorff [2] in the rear area of ​​Army Group Center was given the task of fighting partisans . In October 1941, on the orders of the battalion commander Major Alfred Commichau, soldiers from Infantry Regiment 691 shot and killed Jewish civilians near Krucha near Smolensk . Three perpetrators, including company commander Friedrich Nöll and Sergeant Emil Zimber, were convicted of manslaughter by the Darmstadt Regional Court on April 8, 1954 after the war . [3]At the new hearing in March 1956, the court found some mitigating circumstances for the two defendants. One cannot know whether and how many of the Jews in Krucha might have managed to escape, and one can only assume with certainty that 15 people were killed. However, there were no children among these dead, which is why it cannot be ruled out that no children were shot at all. Therefore, the prison sentences were reduced - three years for Nöll, two years for Zimber.


Division commanders of 339th ID:
period of service Rank Name
December 15, 1940 to January 1942 Lieutenant General Georg Hewelke
January to December 8, 1942 Lieutenant General Kurt Pflugradt
December 8, 1942 to October 1, 1943 Major general Martin Ronicke
October 1, 1943 until unknown Major general Wolfgang Lange


  • Infanterie-Regiment 691
  • Infanterie-Regiment 692
  • Infanterie-Regiment 693
  • Artillery Division 339
  • Engineer Battalion 339
  • Field Replacement Battalion 339
  • Panzerjäger detachment 339
  • Divisions-Battalion 339
  • News Department 339
  • Resupply Troops 339


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