33 Hours Bar (DVD) - 33 Horas Bar (DVD)

30 and Tr3s Hours Bar
Live album of Los Tres
Publication 2009
Recording May 2008,
Municipal Theater of Santiago
Genders) Rock , Chilean folklore .
Format DVD
Duration 1:06:41
Record label Feria Music
Producer (s) Alvaro Henriquez
Chronology of the Three
33 Hours Bar

30 and Tr3s Horas Bar is the name of Eduardo Yedro's ballet. A work of music and dance that the Chilean band Los Tres performed together with the Santiago Ballet, in May 2008. The first presentations were held at the Municipal Theater of Santiago , however on December 20, 2008 they were held in the Plaza de Armas in the capital, and the following month through several cities in northern Chile.

The work was filmed by Pascal Krumm, and released on DVD quality in June 2009. Its approximate duration is 1 hour 5 minutes, and it reviews not only the greatest hits of Los Tres , but also a large number of songs rare in their recitals.

Songs list

  1. ** Intro Piano **
  2. Nicanor
  3. A violent love
  4. dried flowers
  5. Throw yourself
  6. Long
  7. Who is the one that comes there
  8. ** Piano junction **
  9. Pancho
  10. Claus
  11. ** A violent love (interlude) **
  12. Fire birds
  13. The bold
  14. Incomplete loves
  15. The dream of the darkest hour
  16. Tea leaves
  17. ** Final piano **
  18. Tea leaves (extended version)


-In the June 2009 presentations, five songs were added to the show (which, for reasons of date, were not included in the DVD): " Let yourself fall ", " I have swept the sun ", "I have told my negra ”, and two boleros (sung by María Esther Zamora and Pepe Fuentes). In addition, new characters were included in the work.

-On that date, the band had the participation of the comedian Nathalie Nicloux, who served as presenter.

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