35th Avenue Southwest - 35.ª Avenida Suroeste

Southwest 35th Avenue
Managua, NicaraguaFlag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua
Other data
Main Intersections 10th Southwest Street , Rafael Bermudes Highway
Points of interest Laguna de Asososca , Morazán School
Neighborhoods that crosses Linda Vista Residential, Loma Verde Neighborhood, Francisco Morazan Neighborhood, Managua Garden Distribution, Denmark Neighborhood
• North 6th Northwest
• Sure South Highway

The 35th Southwest Avenue is the only avenue in Managua located in the extreme west of the capital, since it is part of the city limits starting from the 10th Southwest Street .


Southwest 35th Avenue runs along the west end of the city of Managua from the connection with the Carretera Sur and Paseo Salvador Allende in the Denmark neighborhood, near the National Psychiatric Hospital, located near the Asososca Lagoon that supplies drinking water to a large part from the city of Managua. One of the main intersections of this avenue is with the 10ª Southeast Street (known in that section as Calle del Seminario). Then the avenue intersects with 9ª Calle S Oeste , 7ª Calle S Oeste , 6ª Calle S Oeste , Calle 4 de Noviembre , Calle César Augusto Espinozauntil almost culminating, it intersects with the Rafael Bermúdez Highway , which is the connection of the North Highway , until it ends at the 6th Northwest between the Rafael Ríos neighborhoods and the Francisco Morazán neighborhood.

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