36th Division (People's Army of the Republic) - 36.ª División (Ejército Popular de la República)

36th Division
Active May 1937-March 1939
country Spain
Fidelity Spanish flag Spanish Republic
Rama/s Red star.svg Regular People's Army
Type Infantry
Size Division
Wars and battles
Spanish Civil War

The 36th Division was a military formation belonging to the Popular Army of the Republic that fought during the Spanish Civil War . It was deployed on the Extremadura front during the entire war.


The unit was created in May 1937, [ 1 ] on the Extremadura Front. The division was assigned to the VII Army Corps , being located in front of the Tagus . [ 2 ] Subsequently, the division was made up of the 47th , 62nd , 104th and 113th brigades , covering the front that went from the Algodor River to Castilblanco . [ 3 ] During the following months, it did not intervene in relevant operations. At the beginning of 1938 he gave up two of his brigades - the 62ndand 104th - with which the «Extremadura» division was created . [ 4 ]

In July 1938 he took part in the fighting in the Merida Stock Exchange , during which he suffered a considerable loss. As of August 11, command was assumed by the militia major José Neira Jarabo . [ 1 ] By this time the 36th Division, made up of the 47th , 113th and 148th mixed brigades , became part of the VI Army Corps . [ 5 ]



Order of battle

Attached Army Corps
Integrated mixed brigades
Battle front
May 1937 VII Army Corps 47.ª , 46.ª , 113.ª y 104.ª Estremadura
December 1937 VII Army Corps 47.ª , 62.ª , 104.ª y 113.ª Estremadura
March 1938 VII Army Corps 47.ª , 113.ª y 62.ª Estremadura
April 30, 1938 VII Army Corps 21.ª , 47.ª y 113.ª Estremadura
July 1938 VII Army Corps 47.ª , 113.ª y 114.ª Estremadura
August 11, 1938 VI Army Corps 47.ª , 113.ª y 148.ª Estremadura
December 1938 VI Army Corps 47.ª y 113.ª Estremadura

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