36th Commando Battalion - 36.º Batallón de Comandos

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The 36th Commando Battalion is one of several units in the Iraqi Special Operations Forces . It arises from the Iraqi National Guard and was formalized in agreement with Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and personnel from the Joint International Force to guarantee an elite force for the country . It was established on December 26, 2003 and is still active today. [ 1 ]

Iraqi Special Operations Forces

The Iraqi Special Operations Forces (FOEI) were created on December 26, 2003. It is one of the three components of the Iraqi army, with 674 soldiers (2005). [ 2 ] In November 2005, the FOEI consisted of two combat battalions and two support battalions. In 2008 the force consisted of six battalions: one from the Iraqi National Counterterrorism Force, three from Commando, one from Support and a special reconnaissance unit. [ 3 ]

1 st Special Operations Brigade, based in Baghdad , comprising:

  • 1 er battalion special troops.
  • 2nd Counter-Terrorism Battalion.
  • 36th Command Battalion.
  • 15th Special Operations Squadron.
  • 1 st Support Battalion. [ 4 ]

36th Commando Battalion

Originally part of the Special Operations Forces Brigade, this unit played a role comparable to that of American Ranger units during the war on terror . Currently it is called «1. er Commando Battalion " component of the 1 to Special Operations Brigade.

The unit is often confused with other self-named "Commands " , after the creation of the unit; although this is one of the most combat experienced in the Iraqi army.


On November 25, 2003, the decision was agreed between the Coalition Provisional Authority , the head of the United States Central Command , the head of Joint Task Force 7 and the Iraqi Governing Council. These institutions agreed to form a battalion of 500 elements based in Baghdad , integrating militiamen from five political parties; Iraqi National Accord , Iraqi National Congress, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Kurdistan Patriotic Union , and the Islamic Supreme Assembly of Iraq. The men had to be well trained, in good physical shape and would serve the new Iraqi nation, and not just one part or faction of it. The battalion would initially be treated as a Civil Defense Corps (CIDC), an Iraqi unit under the First Armored Division (1 AD) of control, but would eventually move into Iraqi control. The battalion was given the name "CICDC 36a " (Composite-CIDC).

The challenge was for this unit to be operational in one month (December 26, 2003). CDR CENTCOM commissioned CJSOTF-AP to attach USSF advisers to this battalion and to develop this new type of CIDC operations: FOB 51 1st Bn. 5th SFG (A) recharged AOB 520, ODB (-), three ODA (-) and 1 total ODA against performing unconventional warfare (UW) and direct action (DA) missions on foot to 36 or battalion ICSD. The teams, divided in a row with 4 infantry companies, plus a scout and HQ Platoon.

On December 3, 2003, Iraqi partisans sent their militiamen to Camp Dogwood, located about 20 km south of Baghdad, for a week of basic training. This phase consisted of the assignment of units, and medical examinations and basic instruction as soldiers. After the completion of this phase, they moved to Camp Falcón, south of Baghdad, where the unit received two weeks of advanced operations training. This phase focused on patrolling, CQB techniques, urban movement, and the development of primary leaders. Towards the end of this phase, AOD 535 and a Split team from AOD 534 replaced the split teams of 521, 523 and 524, 535 -. a company, 535 -. B co, 533 -. C co, 533 -. D co, 534 - Scouts and 52 HQ. The NCOIC Scouts was SFC Brett Walden,Nineveh province .


The first members were trained by personnel from the US Marines and Special Forces . They work in twelve-man units ( engineers , doctors , communications and intelligence specialist , etc.). [ 5 ]

The evaluation of its members consists of a background and skills check, and psychological and physical examinations. The selection process lasts 14 days. [ 6 ]

They focus on unconventional warfare operations , direct action, counterterrorism , survival , evasion skills, as well as entry to fortifications and rapid rope descent. [ 6 ]


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