380 kV German line - 380-kV-Deutschlandleitung

380 kV German line (Bavaria)
St. Peter
St. Peter
Substation of the 380 kV Germany line

The 380 kV Germany line is a planned cross-border replacement of power lines between the Altheim substation in Germany and St. Peter am Hart in Austria. The project replaces the existing 220 kV lines of the Reichsammelschiene in these sections .


The project is intended to enable the exchange of energy between the Austrian Alpine hydropower plants and the North German wind farms, as the current line is being operated at its capacity limit.


The execution of the planning lies with the respective transmission system operators Austrian Power Grid (Austria) and TenneT (Germany). [1] [2]

A branch near Simbach to Haiming was also planned , where the construction of a combined cycle power plant was planned on the site of the OMV refinery . [3] The project was discontinued in 2016. [4]

Since the masts of the line are statically not designed for operation with 380 kV, a complete new line is necessary in the existing road. The 256A mast shortly before crossing the Inn is also the lowest mast in the operator's high and extra-high voltage network with a height of 21.7 m. [5]


The project is in the sections

  • Altheim – Adlkofen,
  • Adlkofen - Matzenhof and
  • Simbach - St. Peter (state border)

in the planning approval procedure . [6]

An EIA approval notice has been available for the St. Peter - state border section since 2016 , construction work has been taking place since 2018. [7]


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