380-kV line Bürstadt – Urberach - 380-kV-Leitung Bürstadt–Urberach

Bürstadt – Urberach overhead line near Groß-Rohrheim

The 380 kV Bürstadt – Urberach line is a high-voltage, three-phase overhead line in the south of the German state of Hesse . It connects the Bürstadt substation with the Urberach substation in the Rhine-Main area . The power generated in the Biblis nuclear power plant located near the pipeline route was also fed into the pipeline via several branches. A further 380 kV line branches off to the west of Griesheim to Bischofsheim and, together with the continuing route to Urberach, forms a 380 kV ring around the Frankfurt metropolitan area.

The section from Graefenhausen to Urberach is particularly striking as it leads through a forest area and has numerous tall masts. Due to the classification as an aviation obstacle, these are provided with a red and white warning paint. Due to the height and the conspicuous marking, these masts are a landmark in the southern Rhine-Main area that can be seen from afar and can be easily recognized from a distance of several kilometers.


The exact time when the line connection (RWE-internal designation Bl. 4591 ) was put into operation is not clearly documented. [1] The commissioning happened in any case in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The Biblis nuclear power plant began generating electricity as early as 1975, and the Bürstadt substation also existed before that. The first expansion of the RWE transmission network in the Rhine-Main area to 380 kV (instead of 220 kV previously) dates back to 1979 and 1980, when the Koblenz – Marxheim section of the north-south line was replaced by a 380 kV line has been. From this line there is a continuation to the Bischofsheim substation, which in turn is connected to a branch line on the Bürstadt – Urberach route west ofGriesheim branches off.

The commissioning enabled the southern and western Rhine-Main area to be connected to the 380 kV network and supplied with energy from the Biblis nuclear power plant. At the same time, a double-circuit 380 kV line from Urberach to Großkrotzenburg established the connection to the 380 kV network of PreussenElektra (now owned by TenneT TSO ).


380 kV line Bürstadt – Urberach (Hesse)
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The line begins in the Bürstadt substation, which is connected to the 380 kV Rommerskirchen – Hoheneck line, among other things . From there it runs northwards to the Biblis nuclear power plant, which was shut down in 2011 and is connected to the line via a few branches. After Biblis, the route turns first to the east, then to the northeast and crosses the A67 . It then meets the Flörsheim – Stuttgart traction power line and the north-south lineand follow this parallel along the mountain road north to Pfungstadt. There, some electrical circuits branch off to the substation located directly on the line route. The line turns to the northwest and crosses the A67 a second time. At Griesheim, the 380 kV line branches off to the Bischofsheim substation and the course changes to the northeast. Together with the traction current line, which leads to the Weiterstadt substation , the A 67 will be crossed a third time. The course leads northwards, then north-eastwards again and north of Graefenhausen finally eastwards.

After the former route of the north-south line has been crossed, the section leading through dense forest to Urberach begins. After crossing the A5 north of the Graefenhausen service area, the route leads to the southeast, then again to the east and shortly before Messel to the northeast. Shortly before Urberach the direction changes from northeast to northwest and the Urberach substation is reached. The circuits are routed to the respective switchgear via several masts.



The line is laid continuously on barrel masts for four 380 kV circuits. On the Biblis – Pfungstadt, Pfungstadt – Griesheim and Graefenhausen – Urberach sections, the masts carry an additional traverse below the 380 kV circuit. From Biblis to Pfungstadt this has not yet been roped; it was installed in order to have free capacity in the event of a possible expansion of the Biblis nuclear power plant. Between Pfungstadt and Griesheim there is a 220 kV circuit on the additional traverse, which changes to the 380 kV level at the junction pylons near Griesheim from there to Urberach is also dimensioned for this voltage. The additional traverse from Graefenhausen originally served as a branch of the north-south lineto Urberach, but has been tension-free since the line was dismantled in 2008. Between Egelsbach and Urberach these circuits are in operation with 110 kV and establish the connection between Urberach and Darmstadt.

The route through dense forest and the number of circuits, some of which are operated at the highest voltage level in the German power grid, required exceptionally high masts in the Graefenhausen-Urberach section. A total of 22 of these structures have a total height of over 100 meters. Due to this fact and the additional circumstances that two airfields ( Frankfurt Airport , Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airfield ) are in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline route, 17 of the masts are provided with various air traffic control systems.

These masts are painted red and white as an aviation obstacle, sometimes over the entire mast height. As prescribed for masts with a total height of over 100 m, there are red warning lights on the tips as lighting . Red warning markings, so-called flight warning balls, are installed on the earth wire between the masts to make the cable routing clear .


The four 380 kV circuits Biblis 1a , Biblis 2b , Ried West and Ried Ost run between Bürstadt and Biblis on the masts that are fully equipped here. The first two lead to the Biblis nuclear power plant, which has now been shut down, and from there comes the 220 kV Biblis 3c circuit , which is insulated for 380 kV, and swings onto the route. Together with Ried Ost , it branches off to the Pfungstadt substation, from where the 220-kV district Kranichstein Ost and the 380-kV district Griesheim Ost come , and two currently unused 380-kV circuits begin there. One of them branches off with Ried Westat Griesheim on the route to Bischofsheim, the 380 kV Erzhausen Nord district comes from there and continues towards Urberach. Two voltage-free 220 kV circuits begin near Graefenhausen and carry the 110 kV districts of Wixhausen and Offenthal Nord south of Egelsbach .


New junction mast as part of the conversion of the Pfungstadt substation to 380 kV

The expansion of the Urberach – Weinheim line to 380 kV has been listed as project no. 19 in the Federal Requirements Plan Act since 2013. [2] This is necessary in order to expand the capacities required in the course of the energy transition between producers in northern Germany and consumers in southern Germany. From Weinheim, a continuation of the line to Daxlanden near Karlsruhe is to be built by TransnetBW . [3]

Between Urberach and Griesheim only the 220 kV and the currently unused circuit has to be converted to 380 kV, for which the cable has to be re-wired. A second pipeline route must be built parallel to the existing route from Griesheim to Pfungstadt. The continuation to Weinheim receives completely new masts on the route of the existing 220 kV line. [2]

To this end, the Pfungstadt substation is being converted from 220 kV to 380 kV, for which new 380 kV transformers are being put into operation step by step. Currently (9/2016) the first 380 kV power transformer is in operation and connected to the circuit leading to Urberach ( Griesheim Ost ). [4] Two new masts had to be built for this. A second transformer will be put into operation in the near future. Only when the continuation of the line to Weinheim is to go into operation in 2022 will the last 220 kV transformers currently used by the north-south line from Pfungstadt disappear.

The Urberach substation is also currently being converted. In March 2017, the masts of the previous 220 kV launch were dismantled, and the remaining 220 kV circuit has since been routed to the 220 kV switchgear via a provisionally laid underground cable within the system. The conversion to 380 kV between Pfungstadt and Urberach should be completed in 2018. [5]


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