380 kV Salzburg line - 380-kV-Salzburgleitung

Line routing

The 380 kV Salzburg line is a high-voltage line that is partially in operation or in the planning stage , which, when completed, will run between the substation in St. Peter am Hart in Upper Austria and the Tauern substation in the state of Salzburg with a total length of 174 km. It is part of the 380 kV high voltage ring in Austria and is operated by the Austrian Power Grid (APG).


On January 27, 2011, after 16 months of construction, the first 46 km long section between the St. Peter substation and the newly built Salzach substation in Elixhausen near the city of Salzburg was put into trial operation; regular operation followed in May 2011. [1] This line section serves to supply electrical energy to the greater Salzburg area and replaces an existing 220 kV overhead line. Construction work on the second section of the line to the Tauern substation began in autumn 2019. [2] [3]

Technically, the existing first line section is designed as a triple bundle (conductor cable Al / St 635/117 mm 2 ) for operation with a nominal voltage of 380 kV, but was operated at 220 kV in the first intermediate operating state of the trial operation. The secured transport capacity, in compliance with the (n - 1) rule , amounts to a total of 1,600 MVA when operated with 220 kV and a total of 2,800 MVA with 380 kV. The thermal power limit of the line is 3,050 MVA. This corresponds to the supply capacity for around 9 million private households, with an average power requirement of 330 W per household. [4]


Due to the alpine conditions and the spatially tight structures, similar to the 380 kV Styria line , the route and routing as a 380 kV overhead line in the second construction phase is controversial and the project is associated with media presence. [5] The opponents of the overhead line are demanding - at least in part - an underground high-voltage cable . The operator cites technical and economic reasons against cabling. [6] [4] In addition to the visual and landscape impairments caused by the overhead line masts , the high operating voltage in the immediate vicinity of the overhead line is caused by corona dischargesCauses interference. [7]

One of the particularly controversial sections was the guided tour in the Heuberg - Guggenthal - Gaisberg section , as the latter is an important local recreational area in the city. Gaisberg-West , i.e. on the city side, was discarded early on. In 2001 it was decided to choose the middle one of the three possible variants, Nockstein-West between Nockstein and Gaisberggipfel, [8] Nockstein-Mitte am Nockstein towards north-east and Koppl-Steinbruch , which also has the least damage to building land. [9] A request from the municipality of Koppl, the Nockstein as a protected part of the landscapewas rejected by the state government in early 2013. [10]

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