385idéal - 385idéal

Active years since 2010
founder Syn and Celo & Abdi
Seat Frankfurt am Main
Website www.385ideal.de
distribution Universal Urban
Genre(s) Hip-Hop

385idéal , also 385i , is a hip-hop - music label from Frankfurt am Main , which in cooperation with the major label Universal Urban acts.


In 2003, 385Beatz , the predecessor of the label , was founded in Frankfurt am Main by the two rappers Celo & Abdi together with Michael "Syn" Lukaschyk. The numbers 385 stand for the postal code of the Frankfurt district of Bornheim (60385), from which Syn and Celo come.

At the beginning of 2008 the name was changed to 385idéal and shortly afterwards production started for the first publication of the artists Celo & Abdi . The rental car tape was published free of charge on the Internet in 2010 by 385idéal. Thereupon the Offenbach rapper arrest warrant became aware of Celo & Abdi and brought them to his label Azzlackz . However, the two let 385idéal exist anyway. [1]

The first artist to be signed was the rapper Olexesh in 2012, who released his first mixtape Authentic Athletic that same year for free on the Internet. The second artist to be signed by 385idéal was rapper Chaker, who released his album Ben Life on the label in 2013 . [2] In the meantime he has stopped.

In 2015 the rapper Nimo was signed, in 2019 the then 17-year-old crime film and in 2020 the newcomer Schubi Akpella. He had previously become known with his rap through so-called car videos on Instagram and was first seen by Nimo.

In 2016, the label entered into a partnership with the major label Universal Urban , which has since sold all of 385idéal's releases. [3]



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