390th Security Division (Wehrmacht) - 390. Sicherungs-Division (Wehrmacht)

The 390th Security Division eg V. was a German infantry division in World War II .


Shadow Division from the 390th Field Training Division

At the end of 1943 the forerunner division, the 390th field training division , was transferred to a shadow division in the course of the 23rd wave of deployment in military district XI . The division of the division was very weak and there were only two battalions for the three regiments. At the beginning of April 1944, all regiments were assigned to combat units.

390th Security Division e.g. V.

In April 1944, the staff of the 390th Field Training Division was renamed the 390th Security Division, e.g. V. , which was assigned to Army Group Center . The division was given the addition for special use .

The division was deployed on the Eastern Front in Lithuania until it was disbanded , later from October in Courland , for security tasks in the rear army area, subordinate to the 3rd Panzer Army , the 4th Army as a reserve in Operation Bagration and finally the 16th Army . On November 10, 1944, the division was disbanded and formed the re-established 79th Volksgrenadier Division .

In this division, the homosexual Corporal Walter Sammet was assigned to the front line and died on the Eastern Front. A stumbling block in St. Pauli reminds of him. [1]



January 1944

  • Grenadier Field Training Regiment Schreiber without battalion: from February 1942 as Grenadier Field Training Regiment 566, in April 1944 to the 129th Infantry Division
  • Grenadier Field Training Regiment 636 with one battalion: from Infantry Field Training Regiment 636 of the 390th Field Training Division, in April 1944 to the 134th Infantry Division
  • Grenadier Field Training Regiment 637 with one battalion: from the Infantry Field Training Regiment 637 of the 390th Field Training Division, in April 1944 to the 45th Infantry Division
  • Artillery Battalion 390: in April 1944 as teaching battalion I for the officers' school of Army Group Center
  • Feldausbildungs-Battalion 390

July 1944

  • Security Regiment 603
  • Divisional Combat School 390 with four companies
  • Engineer Company 390
  • News Company 390 [2]

August 1944

  • Security Regiment 37th
  • Security Regiment 57
  • Security Regiment 611
  • Panzer Security Company 350
  • Artillery Division 134
  • Division units 390


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