SLM H 2/3 (1992) - SLM H 2/3 (1992)

BRB H 2/3
ÖBB 999.2 / SKGB Z11–Z14
H 2/3 14 of the BRB in the valley station in Brienz
H 2/3 14 of the BRB in the valley station in Brienz
Numbering: BRB:H 2/3 12, 14–16
ÖBB: 999.201–204
SKGB: Z11–Z14
Number: BRB: 4, ÖBB / SKGB: 4
Manufacturer: SLM
Year of construction (s): 1992–1996
Axis formula : 2zz1'
Gauge : 800 mm (BRB)
1000 mm (ÖBB/SHGB)
Length over buffers: 6'260 mm
Height: 3'200 mm
Width: 2'200 mm
Fixed wheelbase: 2'070 mm
Total wheelbase: 3'650 mm
Service mass: 15,7 t
Top speed: 12 km / h
Impeller diameter: 440 mm
Gear system : Abt
Size gears: 573 mm
Cylinder diameter: 280 mm
Piston stroke: 400 mm
Boiler overpressure: 16 bar
Fuel supply: Heating oil
Particularities: One-man operation

The H 2/3 of Brienz-Rothorn Railway (BRB) are narrow- gear - steam engines , the almost identical and from the ÖBB as 999.2 for Schafbergbahn and the MTGN for the car to de Naye Rochers were procured.


After the BRB began to replace the existing steam locomotives with diesel locomotives , the number of passengers declined because tourist railways, like the BRB, were more popular with steam-powered locomotives. Therefore, in 1989 the BRB, together with the Chemin de fer Montreux-Territet-Glion-Rochers-de-Naye (MTGN) and the ÖBB , which wanted to renew the fleet of its two meter-gauge rack railways, the Schafbergbahn and the Schneebergbahn , ordered from the Swiss locomotive and machine factory(SLM) three new oil-fired steam locomotives. In 1992 the three locomotives were delivered under the serial numbers 5424 (ÖBB 999.201), 5456 (BRB 12) and 5457 (MTGN 1). Based on the experience with the locomotives, the ÖBB ordered another three locomotives and the BRB two. These were delivered in 1995/96 under the serial number 5686–5690 (ÖBB 999.202–204, BRB 14–15). Since the MTGN locomotive was only used for occasional steam journeys, it was finally sold to the BRB in 2005, where it was given the number 16. Number 13 is not occupied by the BRB.

The H 2/3 in Austria

SKGB Z 13 at the mountain station of the Schafbergbahn

The first of the locomotives ordered by ÖBB was initially delivered to the Schneebergbahn , where it was subjected to test drives. The knowledge gained in this way benefited the machines that were subsequently delivered. For reasons of soundproofing, they all got a chimney- shaped chimney.

In the technical data, apart from the height of 3230 mm, which has changed compared to the BRB locomotives, it should also be mentioned that the carrier wheel diameter is 706 mm (BRB: 653 mm) and the running wheel diameter is 493 mm. The Austrian locomotives have a track width of 1000 mm.

The locomotives were classified as ÖBB 999,201-204. On April 28, 2006, Salzburg AG took over the Schafbergbahn and Wolfgangseeschifffahrt from the ÖBB. The newly founded Salzkammergutbahn GmbH (SKGB) has been running the Schafbergbahn since then and now designates the vehicles as Z11 – Z14.

The 999.201 (Z11) was ex works green with a black boiler and red chassis, the other three locomotives were painted black with red chassis. In the meantime, all four have been repainted in the ruby ​​red corporate color of the SLB with a black boiler and chassis. [1]


In order to reduce operating costs, the H 2/3 was designed for one-man operation without lubrication during operation. The welded lightweight construction enables transport capacities that are comparable to that of diesel locomotives. In order to be able to put the locomotives into operation faster than is usual with steam locomotives, electrical preheaters are used, which also reduce smoke and noise. The boiler was insulated to prevent excessive heat loss.


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Individual evidence

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